50% off in other words


Black Friday 50% discount on two of Camelbak’s most popular and versatile mountain bike hydration packs: the MULE and the Lobo.

Say “hydration pack” to a mountain biker and they’ll just look at you at bit iffily. “Camelbak you mean?” they’ll then reply. At which point you realise that Camelbak are the Hoover of hydration. Even if a hydration pack isn’t made by Camelbak, people will still refer to it colloquially as a “Camelbak”.

Why? Camelbak did them first. And they did them best. And they still do.

Integrated design. Evolves over millennia (okay, that;’s an exaggeration). Extremely well made. A vast range of models. Great colourways. Fully featured or minimal, it’s up to you.

One of the great things about Camlebaks is that you always get a bladder supplied with them. There’s no hidden outlay that you forget to take into consideration. There’s no bodging an existing or aftermarket bladder into the pack.

And what bladders they are. The best. Easy open. Easy clean. And with the best bite-valve bar none.

The MULE then. What’s that about? 9 litres of storage, 3 litres of water. You can go for a full day’s ride with the MULE and with its external attachment system can make a valid claim to be the only hydration pack you’ll ever need for all sorts of rides.

The Camelbak Lobo is essentially a slightly smaller MULE. 6 litres of storage, 3 litres of water. For shorter rides, local loops or even big rides in consistent conditions the Lobo will see you right.