Much comfier climbing with that full-face lid and kneepads, thanks to this simple steerer clip.

Committed enduro riders know the bother of pedalling with kneepads and a full-face helmet.

Knee pads can pinch skin and create irritation when you are cranking up a long fire road. Not to mention the ventilation issues on a sweltering day. An issue that manifests even stronger when ascending in a full-face helmet.

And then there is the convertible enduro helmet, with its detachable chinbar. You can wear it like an enduro necklace if you wish, but that looks silly and is comfortable.

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Haf-Clip keeps you cooler when climbing

But what is the solution? Kneepads strapped around the top tube on your ascent, and a chinbar threaded through your backpack? Not ideal.

If you want to carry a full face, chinbar or knee pad with a lot less hassle on those climbs, the Haf-Clip looks like a mighty clever component upgrade.

This 3D-printed clip replaces a single 5mm spacer on your steerer and can be mounted above or below the stem. It has a small eyelet, which can feed through a Velcro strap, to secure either a helmet or knee pads. Haf-Clip includes two Velcro strap lengths with the mount, each appropriately sized for securing either a helmet or kneepads.

It can handle the bumps

The Haf-Clip is easy enough to install for even the most inexperienced DIY bike mechanic.

And don’t dismiss it as a mere plastic home 3D-printing project. Its material structure is PA12 nylon, which has greater strength and flexibility than conventional plastic, making the Haf-Clip durable and resistant to snapping under load.

Although the Haf-Clip looks suspiciously like it could be repurposed as a trailside bottle opener, the product designers have not intended it to function in this way. Allegedly.