Danny Hart blows away the competition

The last 10 years have provided us with a tumult of trail highlights but there is one moment that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

“I am thrilled to have won MTB Moment of the Decade, with the sport being at such a high level right now, there has been many awesome moments over the past 10 years so for myself to have won is really special. That race run in Champery really did change my life!” – Danny Hart

1. “Oh god, Danny stay on yer bike!”

No one who saw it will forget Danny Hart’s winning run at Champery in the sheeting rain. And nearly as thrilling, no one who heard it will forget Nigel Page and Rob Warner’s hysterical commentary on Freecaster. Danny’s run was a masterclass in riding in the wet, he took the most aggressive lines, insiding where no one else had dared and attacking the track like it was coated in prime hero dirt. Amazing stuff, watch it again and we defy you not to get goose bumps. But there have been dozens of moments from racing that stick in the mind over the past decade, what makes Danny Hart’s run so special is what it did for mountain biking as a sport. Suddenly, non-riding friends were sending you footage asking if you’d seen it. Freecaster.tv had the live rights, but the replay went viral when it was posted to Youtube and took the sport to new audiences. This was a run that genuinely changed the sport of downhill mountain biking.

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The greatest mountain bike moments of the decade

Mountain biking never stands still, it’s constantly changing in almost every way, from the bikes and technology we use, to the trails we ride and the influences on us from events and races. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen such flux in our sport it’s become very easy to get used to it, blasé about the amazing evolution happening right under our noses. So this month we want to celebrate the end of the decade by looking back at the best bits of the decade, whether they’re bikes, tech, racing, or riding stories.