A slightly narrower new alloy wheelset with lots of mix-and-match finishing options, from Halo.

After two years of testing, Halo has introduced a new value DH wheelset.

The British brand used World Cup DH racers as R&D riders, integrating feedback from the likes of Jack Reading, to create its Gravitas product line.

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Available in both 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes, the Gravitas has an interesting rim profile. Most new mountain bike wheels and rims use a 30mm internal diameter. This has become a default standard, with the advent of larger tyre casings and riders experimenting with lower pressures.

Halo’s industrial designers and engineers decided on a narrower 27.5mm rim width for the Gravitas. The logic supporting this rim width was to select a measurement that would give adequate tyre structure support, without creating too much width, which could increase the likelihood of sidewall cuts from sniper rocks and roots.

Made stronger – by impacts outside the CAD screen

The rim depth is 20mm and Halo has shaped a 5.5mm bead, to disperse impacts if you do happen to smash through a rock garden and overwhelm your chosen tyre pressure.

In terms of overall strength, the final production Gravitas wheels are 30% more robust than Halo’s original prototypes. This is a testament to the severity of testing applied by DH riders who helped Halo develop its new rim.

Complete wheelset weights are 2140g for the 27.5” Gravitas and 2270g for the 29” option. Rim weights are 565g (27.5”) or 600g (29”).

All rims are tubeless ready and taped, with Halo promising proper spoke tension too, as its Gravitas wheels are handbuilt.

Many spacing options with Gravitas

Driver options are XD, HG and Micro Spline, whilst rear hub spacing benefits from a range of adaptors ensuring broad compatibility. You can have old-school 135/142mm, 148x12mm, 150x12mm or 157x12mm.

The Gravitas wheelset uses a rear hub with 120 points of engagement and riders can choose between centrelock and six-bolt brake rotor mounts.

Halo is marketing the Gravitas DH wheelset at £499.98 and for an additional £19.99, you can add a decal kit, in one of six available colours.