Got a special event coming up?

Here’s how to get in shape with just six weeks to go before a special event like a big ride, an adventure, a race or a riding holiday.

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1. Make a plan that you can commit to

It’s important to be realistic with your plans. Don’t try and commit to something that’s not sustainable. It’s likely to lead to failure and therefore you won’t meet your goal. Think carefully about how much time you have to get ready for your goal event. Once you have an idea of how much time you can commit, write it down. It’s important to make a plan you can commit to, and then to see it through to the best of your ability.

2. Stay on target

As each week passes, review how things have gone. If you feel like your plan isn’t as manageable as you first thought, review it and make some changes. Maybe you have a little more time than you first thought and can add in another ride or gym session? It’s important to take a note of what you have done. This will help you keep track of your rides and know where you can make any changes. Just remember that nothing will change if you don’t stick to the plan!

3. Strength in numbers

Although there are plenty of people who feel the last thing they need is ANOTHER group chat, using social media such as Whatsapp or Facebook can help you stay motivated and link up for rides together. It’s always good to have a group chat and to get a few friends in on the action!

4. Don’t panic: think little and often

If you notice yourself feeling anxious or flustered about an upcoming event, try to calm yourself down and focus on some bite-size targets. Getting out to ride for 45 minutes-one hour, three times a week, can make a difference to your fitness and readiness. If your plan requires something more along the lines of preparing clothing and kit, you can still do this in smaller chunks of time.