The Dropframe Pro does more than keep your ears warm: The new version has greater coverage and conforms to the latest e-bike helmet standards from NEN, the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute


Fox has a new version of its brilliant Dropframe Pro helmet out, complete with a few tweaks – like a moveable visor and more venting – and one really revolutionary change: it complies with NTA 8776.

What the heck are we on about? You’re not alone on wondering. NTA 8776 is a little-known Dutch certification specifically for e-bike helmets, focussing on protection at speeds up to 45kph. That means helmets that have it, like the new Dropframe Pro, could well offer the most protection of any open face lid.

It’ll cost significantly more than the previous Dropframe Pro model at £269.99 compared to £180, but there’s plenty of new things to get excited about. We loved the previous version so much it’s in our guide to the best mountain bike helmets, but how does the successor to the original Dropframe Pro compare?

Fox Dropframe Pro

The new helmet uses a Boa dial closure system for a better fit

Fox Dropframe Pro need to know:

  • Maintains open-faced design to keep those ears warm, but with increased coverage
  • Meets NTA-8776 E-bike helmet certification standard, demanding more protection at speed
  • Available in three sizes: S, M and L, and a range of snazzy colours. Costs £269.99
  • Vizor now moves to make space to park your goggles, and there’s space to plant glasses too
  • New BOA fit system to keep the Dropframe Pro in place
Fox Dropframe Pro

You’ve got plenty of colours to choose from, including this striking colour combo

Fox Dropframe Pro

It’s probably one of the most recognisable mountain bike helmets out there, but the new Dropframe Pro has had a facelift and is packed with new features. It still maintains its 3/4 open-faced enduro helmet style, but it’s now got even more coverage over the ears, jaw and the back of your head to make it what Fox calls “the most complete coverage Fox offer in an open-face helmet.”

It features MIPS protection, which isn’t anything new for MTB helmets, but what is new is the fact it now meets the requirements to be classed as an ‘e-bike helmet’. This is, the NTA-8776 certification. Essentially, the regulation demands more coverage than a regular helmet. It also has to pass a higher drop-test, meaning it’ll defend your noggin at higher speeds. Developed for road use and increasing proliferation of high-speed e-bikes, NTA-8776 should really be seen as the gold standard for helmets today, meaning those that confirm are more likely to keep you safe in a crash.

Fox Dropframe Pro

Increased ventilation comes in the form of newly designed vents, with ones on the cheeks and tops of the helmet looking slightly longer than the previous generation

The new Dropframe Pro also uses a BOA dial closure system, and a Fidlock magnetic closure on the strap. Visually, it looks like it’s a bit more beefed up than the previous version, and has extended ear protection. There’s also an increase in ventilation, with slightly altered vent designs – this is to improve cooling, but also decreases surface contact. The vents at the front (called Big Bore front vents) are also ideal for storing your eyewear, while Fox says that the 3-position adjustable visor is goggle compatible. Win win.

Internally, Fox uses an Ionic+ anti-microbial liner as well as cheek pads to optimise the overall fit of the helmet. And finally, if you’re someone who likes to record their time on the trail, then you can take advantage of the included (but removable) GoPro mount under the visor.

The new Dropframe Pro comes in a choice of several colours, including: Orange Flame, Olive Green, Oat and Purple, Matte Black, Black/White, Midnight Blue and Black Camo. There are three sizes to chooes from: small, which fits 52-54cm heads, medium, which fits 54-56cm, and large, for 56-58cm. All of this will set you back £269.99 and is available to buy now from Fox.