Until now Formula has strictly focused on coil-sprung shocks – the new Nebbia changes all that.


Italian component brand Formula has launched its first air shock, and it’s called the Nebbia. It’s a coil and air hybrid negative spring, which is combined with a bladder oil reservoir. It works with the Formula Neopos system so riders can easily tune the mid and end stroke. It’s set to launch with a price of £680 and will fit most frames – including e-bikes.

That’s a relatively premium price, but it’s in good company, as you’ll see in our guide to the best rear shocks.

Formula Nebbia

The Formula Nebbia is the first air shock from Formula, but retains the brand’s distinct purple hues

Formula Nebbia need to know:

  • 3-position compression switch: open, platform, and firm
  • Covered by 10 year service promise
  • Over 30 different lengths available
  • Claimed 472g weight in 210x55mm size
  • Priced at £680

Why an air shock?

There’ll be a few who are questioning why Formula is getting into the world of air shocks after being so synonymous with coil for so long. But the sheer volume of air shocks on the market makes it an obvious area to expand into, with huge potential for growth.

So, what’s the craic with the Nebbia? There’s loads of technical jargon we won’t repeat here – those of you who are interested in that will likely find it all in the product page itself. But for the rest of us, let’s dive into the most interesting aspects of Formula’s first air shock.

Formula Nebbia

The new shock will be compatible with most frames, and features in Formula’s 10 year service promise

Formula Nebbia main features

It’s going to be ready to fit most frames, apparently. This includes those using standard and trunnion mounts, and it’s even e-bike and clevis (yoke) mount approved, so you should be covered if you want to upgrade your current set-up.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Nebbia is that it’s easy to set up, and easy to work on. A frequency sag indicator allows for visual guidance as you’re setting your air pressure, and the shock itself is designed to be serviced at home, with no special tools required. Service intervals are set at 60 hours for minor services, and 120 for major services. Plus, the shock is included in Formula’s 10 year service promise – so if you buy the shock, you’ll have parts available for at least 10 years.

It comes with three compression switch positions: open, platform and firm, and the Compression Tuning System is smaller and lighter compared to Formula’s coil MOD shock. When it comes to volume adjustment, three spacers (2.5, 5 and 7mm) allow the progression to be altered without any specialist tool requirements. These are the same sponge-like Neopos volume spacers that are used in Formula’s air forks.

The Nebbia comes with a claimed weight of 472g for size 210x55mm, and a price of £680. It’s available in over 30 different lengths, from 165×37.5 to 250×75. It’s available to order now from the Formula website and authorised dealers.