27.5+ and 29er all-mountain e-bikes

Introducing the Focus Jam2 C electric-assist carbon 140mm travel trail bike that sports the TEC modular battery system and the FOLD suspension.

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Focus Jam2 C need to know

  • 140mm travel electric-assist trail bike
  • 27.5+ or 29in versions
  • Carbon front triangle
  • F.O.L.D. suspension design
  • TEC modular battery system
  • Shimano STEPS E8000 motor
  • Prices from £4,499

focus jam2 c

Following on from last week’s official unveiling of the Focus Sam2 160mm travel e-nduro bike comes the news of a carbon version of the Jam2 140mm travel trail bike.

Focus are technically classifying it as an ‘all mountain’ bike but that term feels a bit old hat these days when 140-150mm bikes are arguably the norm for regular trail bikes.

focus jam2 c

We’ve always liked the cut of the alloy Jam2’s jib, we featured it in our Five of the hottest e-bikes of 2018 feature a few weeks ago, so news of a carbon framed one is very interesting.

The rear swingarm is still alloy – which is fair enough bearing in mind the cost/weight-saving of a carbon swingarm – but the form of the front triangle lends itself to carbon very well.

focus jam2 c

The Jam2 C uses Focus’ TEC modular battery system. The basic idea is that it can be used with one smaller-than-normal (thus lighter) battery for your usual short, sub-3hr rides, and for longer rides you can bolt-on a second battery. The first battery goes inside the down tube, the second one bolts on a special bracket on the bottle boss area.

focus jam2 c

As with the Sam2, the Jam2 features air intake venting at the side of the head tube to help prevent the internalised battery from overheating. The venting runs all the way through and into the motor. The motor is the Shimano STEPS E8000 by the way.

focus jam2 c

The suspension system is Focus’ F.O.L.D. design (Focus Optimised Linkage Design). It’s a single pivot design that has a linkage arrangement driving the shock at different rates at different stages of its travel. The idea being to have floaty, suppleness around the sag point with a more progressive feel the further you go into the travel.

focus jam2 c

Focus Jam2 C geometry

There’ll be five Jam2 C models becoming available at the start of 2018. The Focus Jam2 C 29 will be £4,499, the C 29 Pro will be £6,199, C Plus will be £4,499, the C Plus Pro will be £6,199 and the C SL will be £8,499.