His most unique course to date.

In Red Bull’s new video – The Purest Line – cameras chases young Canadian downhill star Finn Iles through the historical backdrop of Quebec.

It’s well worth two minutes of your eye-time.

Video description

After dominating the UCI Junior circuit, the Whistler-raised mountain bike phenome will transition to the professional circuit at the end of this season. Known for pushing boundaries, the 17-year-old athlete tackled an unlikely descent through the narrow and unforgiving concrete fortifications of the old city, through narrow cobblestone roads leading to the St Lawrence river.

The recent high school graduate said, “When I’m on my bike, I don’t really think about anything else but riding. You’re just in the moment. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to do what you love.”


Produced by Maganafire over three days in Quebec City, the crew successfully captured Finn’s razor sharp focus throughout this 2-minute clip. A small crew of three followed the young athlete using a series of drones, gimbals, and Go-Pros to capture the athlete’s POV. Beginning above the parc des gouveneurs the track was just under 900 m long ending by the St Laurence River.


Exploding onto the scene when he was only 14 years old, Finn lobbied to participate in the “Whip Off World Championships,” at Crankworx Whistler before he was of age to participate. The high school student quickly made a name for himself when he convinced organizers to compete and then promptly took home the top prize. He has continued to rake in a series of first and second place accolades in his career to date. The 2017 competition season will mark his last as an amateur, and the Whistler local is ready for new challenges. At Crankworx Whistler Finn will compete in the Garbanzo DH on Tuesday, August 15, the Official Whip-Off World Championships on Thursday, August 17 and the Canadian Open DH on Saturday, August 19.