Updated with a pivotable, foldable hook, and new 22.7kg weight limit, Feedback Sports' latest Velo Hinge 2.0 will hang most mountain and electric mountain bikes with ease.

Bike storage doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to have more than one bike, sometimes it’s necessary to do more than lean them against each other in the garage or wherever you store them. Wall hooks are a pretty common option these days, but they can be limiting, and if you have more than one bike they can be a pain to access if you get your measurements even slightly wrong (don’t ask us how we know…). In answer to these common issues, Feedback Sports has reimagined its Velo Hinge as the Velo Hinge 2.0, which can now accept bigger wheels and wider tyres – perfect for keeping your mountain bikes off the ground.

Velo Hinge 2.0

Velo Hinge 2.0 can fit up to 3in tyres and 29in wheels

Velo Hinge 2.0 need to know

  • Load capacity of up to 22.7kg when stud mounted
  • Accepts rims up to 29in and tyres up to 3in wide
  • Bikes can be pivoted for easy access to other bikes
  • Hook folds away when not in use for a cleaner look
  • MSRP €45
Velo Hinge 2.0

It can be moved so the hinge folds the bike flat against the wall or protruding out into the room

Velo Hinge 2.0

So, what exactly is the Velo Hinge 2.0, and what makes it better than 1.0? Essentially, it’s a hook like any other bike hook, but it’s got an additional box on the back that means you can pivot the hook. They’ve done this so you can move your bike to get better access to one next to it, or even just have it angled along the wall so it’s not protruding out into the room. It’s a pretty neat idea, and ideal if you’ve got more than one bike or somewhere that’s not exactly spacious to store them.

Velo Hinge 2.0

The Velo Hinge 2.0 kit includes the hook, screws, and rear wheel bumper

For mountain bikers, you’ll be pleased to know that the 2.0 has a “stiffer, stronger body and a longer wheel hook”, which means it can fit bigger wheels and wider tyres. In translation, it will accept up to 29in wheels and 3in wide tyres. There is grip tape on the contact plate which claims to add stability, so your bike won’t rock about as much if you accidentally knock it. And when it’s not in use, you can fold the hook into the hinge for a cleaner look.

Velo Hinge 2.0

Apparently even the dog appreciates the clean aesthetic of the Velo Hinge 2.0

It mounts to a standard wall stud, and when mounted properly it means you’ll be able to hang bikes up to 22.7kg in weight off it. Maybe not enough for the heaviest e-bikes but most if not all unassisted bikes should be fine. If you’re after a lighter e-bike, however, we’ve written a guide to some of the best lightweight electric mountain bikes that will fit the bill. There’s also a rear wheel bumper which has been made larger for the 2.0, and means you won’t get those black marks you often get on the walls from moving your bikes on and off their hooks.

The Velo Hinge 2.0 will be available in mid-December globally, although it’s already out there in the wild in the US.