The 480Wh battery is 50Wh bigger in capacity and fully integrated into the down tube


E-bike drive systems manufacturer Fazua has announced plans to launch a new, bigger battery and a Mode Control remote for eMTB use. The battery will be 480Wh and fully integrated into the bike’s down tube. It will be available as part of the Ride 60 drive system.

The new Mode Control remote is eMTB specific, and will allow riders to control their Fazua drive systems from a thumb operated rocker lever, a system we found to be intuitive but temperamental. Both new products are expected to be available on bikes from 2025, with the innovations being presented at this year’s Eurobike.

Fazua battery

The new battery is 50Wh bigger than its predecessor and weighs 2.2kg

Fazua Mode Control and new battery need to know:

  • New, bigger (by 50Wh) battery will be one of two choices for manufacturers
  • It will be fully integrated into the down tube and weigh 2.2kg
  • Can be retrofitted by dealers into bikes running the Ride 60 drive system
  • The Mode Control is a new remote for eMTB
  • It allows riders to switch between riding modes and operate a boost function

Fazua Mode Control

Fazua’s Ride 60 drive system is getting a remote upgrade, and it’s apparently specifically for eMTB riders. Users and bike brands will now be able to spec either the Ring Control or the new Mode Control remote.

The Mode Control is a thumb operated remote on the handlebars, and it looks like one of those Knog bells (obviously without the bell though). It will allow riders to switch between different riding modes by using their thumbs on the rocker lever.

Fazua Mode Control

The new Fazua Mode Control should be sturdier and offer better rider feedback when switching between modes.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to activate the boost function by pressing a button. The boost gives riders an extra bit of assistance so you can push on a technical ascent or set off that little bit quicker.

haibike lyke cf11

The old Ring Control feels flimsy in use, even if it’s a simple design that’s easy to clean. 

How is it eMTB specific? Apparently that’s due to the “design and robustness.” Essentially it’s weather sealed from water, dust and mud. It’s also able to be retrofitted to bikes already using the Fazua Ride 60 drive system.

We loved how intuitive the old Ring Controller felt when testing the Transition Relay Carbon GX AXS and Pivot Shuttle SL 29, but not its reliability. It’s great to see Fazua addressing this weak point then, in what otherwise is one of the best e-bike motors around. 

Pivot Shuttle SL

The Fazua Ride 60 is a seriously inconspicuous motor, with an impressive range, but the new bigger internal battery will help mute the cries for a range extender.

Fazua’s new battery

Coming in 2025, there will be a second battery option for brands to spec on their Ride 60 operated bikes. The new battery will be 480Wh, which is 50Wh more than the current model. It will also be fully integrated, which means you won’t be able to drop it out and charge it like you currently can.

According to Fazua, the “innovative cell technology” allows it to provide more range with an identical design. The new generation of battery cells allow them to pack 50Wh more in to the 2.2kg battery, apparently increasing range by up to 10% compared with the 430Wh option.

Those who already use the Ride 60 system will be able to have the battery retrofitted by dealers when it is available in 2025.