Weight: 90g per wheel (including sealant)
Contact: www.ultimatepursuits.co.uk

DT offers two different tubeless kits, one for the DT EX 5.1 rims and a narrower one the XR 4.1 rims. Each kit consists of everything you need to make one rim tubeless ready. Fitting is straightforward but, just like getting tyres onto DT rims, the rim strips are pretty tight. So we suggest pre-stretching the plastic strip before you try fitting it to the rim.
We fitted a UST tyre and it inflated first go. However, the seal wasn’t great and the system definitely needs the sealant (supplied). The removable valve core makes it easy to get the solution into the tyre, but don’t do this in your living room as the solution can spray out while sealing the tyre to the rim. Once up and running we had no problems with the DT kit. And when we removed the tyre after four months the sealant hadn’t completely dried out, so in theory it could still seal a foreign object puncture. For best results only use with DT rims.