“I was on cross fell in  a total white out feeling like i was in a James Bond movie, not a soul around, well not that i could see! And I found the treasure, couldn’t believe it, that i was first there! I had half of Cumbria with me in spirit, willing me to find it, so I guess that helped.

“The thought of having the chance to win a bike is very exciting!!!

“So what happens now?

“Thank you for organising this brilliant idea, you have made a lot of people very excited. I have only been able to get to one of the killer loop treasure hunts, but enjoyed every second! 

“Cheers and thanks again.”

What happens now is, those lucky winners from each of the killer loops are in with a chance to win a holiday to Sardinia, courtesy of Saddle Skedaddle, and a Santa Cruz Superlight to ride while they’re there.

Kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they get to meet our very own oompa lumpa / Willy Wonka, mbr editor John Kitchiner – at the finale weekend on January 10. Let the games begin! Watch this space to find out what happens.

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