"It's more dangerous going as slow as you're going!"

It’s not a World Cup but there’s still a Claudio course preview vid for this Sunday’s DH World Champs in Val di Sole, Italy.

Joining Claudio on the hair-raisingly steep course is just-retired-racer permanent-legend Steve Peat. And some guy called Rob Warner who doesn’t appear to have a bike before.

Peaty: “it’s a big track and I’m sure these two don’t know what they’re getting into.”

This is not your usual ‘train’ video where a group of riders follow each other gracefully down a graceful gravity track.

This is three old geezers careering down a crazily steep and loose downhill track, trying to take each other out in between trying not to come off their bikes.


Actually Peaty and Claudio show some serious skills. It’s Warner who appears to half-asleep. And his riding partners duly give him a right old ribbing…

Peaty: “Get off the brakes boys, you’re making too much dust!”

Warner: “This is trials!”

Claudio: “I should not follow Rob on his lines – he does not know what he is doing.”

Peaty: “It’s more dangerous going as slow as you’re going!”

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But who has the last laugh?

Watch the vid.