May 19-20th in the North York Moors

Boltby Bash is a 2-day mountain bike enduro set in the North Yorkshire Moors. “Wild, natural trails” on private land, with flowing loam and technical rock.

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Boltby Bash need to know

  • May 19-20th 2018
  • 30-35kms
  • 5 Timed Stages
  • Enduro or Sportive Options
  • Enduro: £50 MTB Sportive: £40

boltby bash

The weekend has a festival feel, with live music, bar and food on Saturday, to help you recover from your practice runs.

The camping and free parking is on-site, with some big ol’ panoramic views that the North Yorkshire Moors National Park has to offer.

Day 1: Practice day for the main event on Sunday.

Day 2: Main event. Enduro: 30-35 kms with 5 timed stages. The Sportive is on the same course.

boltby bash

A short history of Boltby Bash

It was one of the first and biggest mountain bike xc races back in the early nineties. With Steve Peat and co. cutting there teeth on it.

Despite lots of efforts by other organisers to get access and bring the Boltby Bash back, the only way was for two MB mates, one the local blacksmith, who knew all the private landowners and all the local MTB trails, and the other who also new every route in area and came up with the idea of an Enduro on private land for stages.

The Boltby Bash Enduro was born. 250 racers first year. 500 last year and gaining in popularity as a classic Enduro experience.