Traction and speed? E*Thirteen says you can have both with this new tyre

Not content with producing some of the grippiest tyres on the planet, E*Thirteen has gone and released a new semi-slick tyre. Catchily called the Semi-Slick, it should help put to rest one of the main issues many riders have with the existing TRS and LG1 tyres; namely a lack of speed thanks to the tenaciously grippy compounds.

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Made up of a lower profile centre tread depth for less rolling resistance, the Semi-Slick still retains a tread pattern that encourages cornering grip and traction under braking. The square edged centre knobs are aligned with the more aggressive side knobs to enable a more predictable transition when leaning it over.

Lower profile centre knobs for less rolling resistance = more speed!

How to corner

E*Thirteen Semi-Slick Need to Know

  • Available in a single ply TRS casing, a dual 120 ply LG1 EN casing with Apex reinforcement, and a dual ply 72tpi LG1 DH casing with Apex.
  • Two different rubber compound options: RACE compounds feature soft, tacky cornering knobs and with a longer-wearing center-tread compound. PLUS compounds utilize the longer-wearing compound across the entire surface of the tire, with an even harder base compound to further wear characteristics, without sacrificing traction.
  • Single tyre width option offering a true 2.35″ measurement.
  • Two wheel size, 27.5″ and 29″.
  • RACE compound weights (single ply/dual ply):TRS: 870g // 925gLG1 EN: 985g // 1050gLG1 DH: 1100g // 1170g
  • PLUS compound weights (single ply/dual ply): TRS: 860g // 905gLG1 EN: 955g // 1015gLG1 DH: 1070g // 1135g
  • UK prices – £59.95-£69.95