Great deals from the US and UK: the Rocky Mountain Powerplay for under $4,000; and Decathlon’s slashed the price of our test-winning Rockrider


I love riding anything with suspension and knobbly tyres, but e-bikes are killing it for me right now because they’re just so darned efficient. I cam cram in nearly double the riding, I don’t have to be super fit, and I can still get home in time for kids’ bathtime. I see it as my duty then to spread the word, and seek out the very choicest e-bike deals around. Here’s my bike of the best bikes at the best prices.

Best US deals

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay A30 Deore E-Bike

Rocky Mountain makes one of the best e-bike motors out there, with 108Nm of torque and a 700W of peak power through the Dyname 4.0 system it’ll leave everyone else in your dust. There’s literally just one of these bikes left through Competitive Cyclist, and it’s in size XL meaning it has a huge 20.4in (518mm) reach, so you’ll have to be over 6ft to handle it. It looks to us like an absolute steal at just under $4,000 though, the components are basic but functional with a Shimano 11 speed drivetrain, but the RockShox Deluxe Select shock and RockShox Recon 35 Gold RL are proven performers, while the alloy frame and that monstrous motor are prime for upgrades over time.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay A30 Deore | Save 35%
Was $5,999, now $3,899
Such high torque numbers means the Instinct Powerplay will appeal to riders who really don’t want that much-touted feel of a regular bike, instead you can rely on the motor to boost you up the hills with almost no effort. 

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Cannondale Moterra 3 E-bike

The Moterra is a 150mm travel e-bike with a frame made from Cannondale’s own SmartForm C1 alloy. It’s powered by the Bosch CX motor, with 85Nm of torque, and there’s a big PowerTube 750Wh internal battery to provide the range. Put the sturdy metal frame and one of the most trustworthy motors together and you’ve got an e-bike that will just run and run. That’s the dull but important part out of the way, but I’ve chosen this deal because when we’ve tested the Moterra in the past we’ve loved it, sure, it’s a heavy bike, but that means stability, grip and above all brilliant suspension performance. Again there’s just one left of these bikes, and it’s in size medium so ideal if you’re 5ft4in to 5ft9in tall.

Cannondale Moterra 3 E-bike | Save 41% at Jensons
Was $6,749.99, now $3,999.95, now
The Cannondale Moterra uses something called Proportional Response when it designs its bikes, the idea is all riders whatever bike size they’re on will get the same suspension feel and ride dynamics. Or to put it another way, size medium riders (the size here) won’t get an overly firm ride.

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Bell 4Forty MIPS helmet

OK, not a mountain bike deal, but we couldn’t help flagging up this 4Forty because it’s one of our favourite helmets of the past few years and it’s on sale right now through Walmart.

This was a $150 helmet when it was released in 2020, and while the price has certainly changed the level of finishing and protection hasn’t. You get an integrated MIPS liner, while the fit and stability is up there with the best helmets on the market right now. 

Bell 4Forty MIPS helmet | Save 13% at Walmart
Was $79.99, now $69.99
The Bell 4Forty helmet has a full wraparound shell so the helmet won’t get tatty or dented, and it looks great too. There are problems, specifically that this isn’t the most breathable helmet around… but if you’re riding one of the powerful e-bikes we’ve pulled out above then it’s a great tradeoff for the increased protection.

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Best e-bike deals in the UK

Decathlon Rockrider E-EXPL 520S

We’ve literally just reviewed the Decathlon Rockrider E-EXPL 520S, it blew us away with its powerful and quiet Brose motor, 500Wh removable battery and above all its fast and capable handling. It gets better though, because it’s now gone into the Decathlon sale, lopping £300 off the price and that makes it one of the best value e-bikes by miles. There’s even space for a waterbottle, something that’s even lacking on a budget eeb.

Rockrider E-Expl 520 S | Save 10% at Decathlon
Was £2,999, now £2,699
I think the Rockrider E-Expl here is a game changer. In the past you’d need to stick another few thousand pounds on the pricerag to get this kind of performance from an e-bike. That means a whole new swathe of riders can try power assist biking. More than that, it’s going to force the competition to try harder and squeeze their prices further. Read our full review of the Rockrider E-Expl here.

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Orbea Wild H30 FS 

The Orbea Wild is a thoroughbred enduro race bike, it’s built with one purpose in mind, to be fast between the tapes… which also makes it a great ride for anyone who likes their e-bike fast and stable. The posh Team version of the bike excelled when we tested it earlier this year, and the bare bones remain unchanged in this more budget-friendly H30 build. That means you get a hydroformed alloy frame with 160mm travel and 29in wheels, a Fox DPS Performance shock, and Bosch CX motor and 625Wh battery. 

Orbea Wild H30 FS | Save 30% at Sigma Sports
Was £5,299, now £3,699
The Orbea Wild H30 FS is the entry level bike in the range, and now massively discounted, so don’t expect a fancy build kit… but with a mix of Shimano Deore and even XT in places it’s more than competent. 

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Marin Rift Zone E

Marin launched the Rift Zone E just last year, its remit was to provide a more budget-friendly e-bike in a short travel 140mm package. With a meagre 504Wh battery though it was always going to lack some serious range, no matter how good a bike it is. Leisure Lake’s solution is to offer a free second battery to give the bike some legs, add that up and you’re getting over 1,000Wh of juice, which is more than a match for even the best and most expensive e-bikes out there.

Marin Rift Zone E | Save 24% at Leisure Lakes
Was £4,355.00, now £3,299
The Marin Rift Zone E is built on the handy regular Rift Zone bike, only now it’s specced out with the Shimano Steps EP6 unit – it’s got the same power as Shimano’s top-tier EP801, but without the premium pricetag.

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