E-Mountain Casing developed to meet the specific requirements of e-MTBs

Is this a case of simply rebadging some Downhill tyres with the latest buzzword, or there actually something to this announcement of EMC (E-Mountain Casing) tyres from Kenda?

And perhaps more importantly, should normal trail and enduro riders be looking at these tyres?They look like they could be another option in the hunt for tough, tubeless tyres that don’t have sapping sticky rubber and overly chunky knobblies.

Other applications

What about current Plus riders who look the volume but are getting just a little bit bored with punctures from the current available crop of Plus tyres? These so-called e-bike tyres will no doubt be of interest to them too.

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We haven’t got any exact weights through for the tyres yet but Kenda do make claim in stating that they are “lightweight”. But are they talking ‘relatively’ or ‘actually’? We’ll have to wait and see when they come out.

Essentially the main aspect of these tyres that is genuinely e-bike specific is that the carcass is designed to deal with high torque forces. That and the fact that Kenda EMC tyres are ECE 75R certified and tofficially approved for fast e-mountainbikes (45 km/h), which are classed as motorbikes in the UK.

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How are Kenda explaining all of this?

Like this: “Due to the increased weight of e-mountainbikes and the high torques of their engines, tires are put under increased stress outside the norm. The stiffer and more durable EMC casing provides more control, better handling characteristics, and better puncture protection than a standard MTB tire.”

Show us the tyres then


Havok Pro EMC (27.5×2.8 & 27.5×3.0)

27.5+ tyre. “The low profile centrr blocks (60sA) roll quickly across the trail while the siped transition and shoulder blocks (50sA) ensure traction on almost every trail condition.”


Honey Badger DH Pro EMC (27.5×2.4)

Honey Badger DH Pro is an exisitng Enduro and Downhill tyre. “The tri-bite knobs running down the center (50sA) ensure fast rolling speed and are designed to open up under heavy braking loads. Aggressive side knobs (42sA) claw into the ground and provide endless grip.”


Nevegal X Pro EMC (27.5×2.35)

Nevegal has been a popualr tyre in Kenda’s range for a good number of years now. “The centre knobs (50sA) provide low rolling resistance and ensure long tread life whereas the softer shoulder knobs (55sA) offer plenty of grip and control even on wet and rocky terrain.”