The brand is also launching a 240 Classic DEG Red option, limited to just 240 pieces


DT Swiss has launched a new freehub called the 240 DEG, it reduces the engagement angle to just 4° and with it offers the fastest engagement of any of the brand’s designs to date.

Faster acceleration and less lag between the pedal stroke and hub engagement is a good thing in most situations on a mountain bike, and something the best mountain bike wheels all have in common. Currently, the hubs will be offered in two DT Swiss wheelsets: the EXC 1501 Spline One and XMC 1501 Spline One.

DT Swiss Ratchet DEG Hub

The DT Swiss Ratchet DEG Hub has 90 teeth and an engagement angle of 4°

DT Swiss 240 DEG need to know:

  • The new freehub comes with 90 tooth ratchets
  • Engagement angle of just 4° makes this the fastest DT Swiss off-road hub
  • Rear hub weighs 270g while front hub (240 Classic DEG Red only) weighs 143g
  • Priced at £354.99 for rear hub and £159.99 for front (240 Classic DEG Red only)
DT Swiss Ratchet DEG Hub

The new hub system is set to be easier to service as bearing replacement can be done without the need for special tools

DT Swiss 240 DEG

On its own, the announcement of a new freehub system will probably only excite the mechanics that will have to figure out how to service it, and the tech nerds among us. But the 240 DEG ratchet system is actually pretty cool, and if DT Swiss is to be believed, could be the brand’s fastest engaging hub yet.

How it does it is by uysing a small engagement angle – 4° and a combination of 90 teeth with two enlarged ratchets. The smaller idle distance at the cranks means that riders can pedal and more instantly engage the hubs, which is ideal for when you’re putting down the power out of a corner or climbing technical uphills.

The DEG ratchets are made from steel and are bigger than previous DT Swiss ratchets in an attempt to transmit the power of stronger riders without wearing excessively.

Once they are worn, however, DT Swiss has made it easier to service the hubs. Bearing replacement can now be done without the requirement for special tools, as the threaded ring no longer needs to be removed to access the bearings.

DT Swiss Ratchet DEG Hub

The freehub only weighs 270g

Where does it sit in the DT Swiss range?

DT Swiss says that “reliability, weight and points of engagement” are the three main factors considered when designing new freehub systems. The Ratchet DEG system sits next to the Ratchet EXP – the EXP focuses more on lighter weight, and the DEG focuses on smaller engagement angles.

The brand is also launching a red version of the hubs, called the 240 Classic DEG Red. And only 240 will be produced. These weigh a claimed 143g for the front hub and 270g for the rear (same as the non-red version).

They come with IS brake interface compatibility, and you can choose from SRAM XD and Shimano Micro Spline body options. They also come with 12/148mm or 12/157mm BO+ axle options.

The new Ratchet DEG freehubs will be available on two wheelsets for the time being: the EXC 1501 Spline One and the XMC 1501 Spline One. These are currently equipped with Ratchet EXP systems but now you’ll have the option to choose.

Ratchet DEG details

  • 270g for the freehub
  • 143g for the red option front hub
  • Rreehub costs £354.99
  • Front hub (red option only) costs £159.99