Aaron Chase slows down for no-one

We’re quite used to seeing urban downhill edits where the streets are closed off for races, and they are crazy enough, but Aaron Chase went one better and decided to ride unclosed streets, this means the chaos is multiplied tenfold.

As you can see the shanty towns are swarming with stray animals, oblivious drivers and confused locals, this makes for some close shaves and incredible GoPro footage. Keep an eye out for the stampeding cow early on, that’s certainly something we’ve not seen on a bike edit before!

Aaron CHase Chile pov 2

Aaron Chase is famous for riding unusual and exotic locations such as abandoned mines and underground caves, this video certainly ranks as one of his best though.

South America is becoming relatively well known for its riding now. The annual Valparaiso downhill race has become legendary for its intensity and steepness, and the 2014 Enduro World Series held its first round at the Nevados de Chillan ski resort. From what we’ve seen, wherever you go in South America the riding will be totally the opposite of what you’re used to!

This looks like it might be the precursor to a full Peruvian edit so keep an eye out here for more.