Beat those January blues

Here we are again with this week’s bikey bargains.

What do we have for you this time? Goggles, grips, helmets, bottom brackets, workstands, bike locks, bib tights, handlebars and stems.

Giro Basic Snow goggles – £109.99 – £39.99

Get your enduro on. Ignore the ‘snow’ in the product title. These can be used on a bicycle too. There’s nothing better to keep wind buffeting and tyre-flung muck out of your eyes than a pair of goggles. Ignore the mockers and goggle on!

Currently available for only £39.99!

Outland Slopestyle lock-on grips – £11.99 – £4.99

A no-nonsense slim, waffle pattern, dual collar lock-on grip. Green or purple. Under a fiver. Almost worth getting just as a set of spare grips to keep in storage.

Currently available for only £4.99!

Giro Flak helmet – £39.99 – £9.99

Is your bonce feeling the chills from all those vents on your XC/trail helmet? Get yourself a dirtjump lid for winter and/or night riding and your noggin will feel super snug.

Currently available for only £9.99!

GT Avalanche Trail helmet – £34.99 – £17.99

Or if you’re not down with the whole dirtjump aesthetic, how about a nice chunky enduro helmet to keep you a bit warmer during these windy and soggy weeks?

Currently available for only £17.99!

One23 external bottom bracket – £42.99 – £19.99

We always like to include some bread-and-butter bargains in Dirty Deals. Everyone needs a functioning – and non-creaking – bottom bracket. This one has a cool clear centre tube (that you’ll never see once installed but hey) and some snazzy red external cups.

Currently available for only £19.99!

Ultimate Hardware folding workstand – £99.99 – £39.99

Is one of your New Year resolutions a commitment to repairing your bike yourself and/or taking better care of your supposed pride and joy? You’ll be needing a decent workstand then.

Currently available for only £39.99!

Abus Ultra 410D D-lock with 230mm cable – £39.99 – £18.99

Started riding to work a bit? Or thinking of securing your bikes better at home? There’s nothing that beats a capable D-lock from a respected lock brand. The cable can be used for securing both wheels and/or another bike.

Currently available for only £18.99!

DHB ASV Roubaix bib tights – £80.00 – £55.00

You don’t see many mountain bikers in magazines sporting full-length tights but out in the real world – particularly the British real world – they are sometimes a necessary evil. The tricky fashion aspect is trying to combine them with baggy overshorts and knee pads. Form over fashion is required sometimes though.

Currently available for only £55.00!

Answer Pro Taper 780 DH Expert handlebar – £42.99 – £33.99

Answer Pro Taper is one of the iconic names in riser bars. Some folk won’t ride anything else. The vital stats on this bar: 780mm wide, 25mm rise, 4° up sweep, 8° back sweep, 31.8mm clamp.

Currently available for only £33.99!

Easton Haven stem – £79.99 – £56.99

Normally when you see stems in the sale – especially stems from a big brand like Easton – you end up clicking through all excited and then it turns out the only stem lengths available are huge 100mm+ affairs. Not so here. You can pick up a 55mm stem here.

Currently available for only £56.99!

Gravity handlebar – £99.99 – £29.99

If you’re after a low ride or a high rise bar then have a look at this. There’s a 15mm low rise version and a 40mm high rise version available as well as a regular 25mm rise.

Currently available for only £29.99!

See you all next week for more Dirty Deals. B-bye!