Go get yer Deals on

Spring is yet to spring but let’s not le that get in the way of some seasonal refreshing of our steeds. Go get yer Dirty Deals on with this little lot.

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OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle & Cable – £52.99 – £23.98

Save 55%! If you’re like most cyclists, your secure storage area probably isn’t very secure. It may not be secure at all. Do yourself a favour and make theives’ lives harder by locking up your bike(s) when they’re not use.

Buy Now: OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle & Cable for only £23.98!

Endura SingleTrack III Baggy Shorts With Clickfast Liner – £74.99 – £34.99

Save 53%! You can spend ages searching online for the perfect baggy. And then you buy some Enduras. Because, well, that’s what you do innit? Quit the time-killing search period and just grab this ‘Dura deal ASAP.

Buy Now: Endura SingleTrack III Baggy Short With Clickfast Liner for only £34.99!

Hope Technology Single Spider Crankset – £255.00 – £190.99

Save 25%! Now that cassettes larger than 42T are fairly common, we’re seeing less and less people moving to direct mount (or cinch) style cranksets. People seem to like the good ol’ 4-arm 104BCD design. Not many folk want to run chainrings smaller than 30T now basically.

Buy Now: Hope Technology Single Spider Crankset for only £190.99!

Hope Technology Stealth Race X2 Evo disc brake – £175.00 – £136.00

Save 22%! People tend to think of Hope as producing multi-coloured rugged bits CNC alloy. Rufty tufty enduro a go go components. But they also make some highly desirable light weight race parts with Ti bolt bling and stuff. Here’s some ace brakes in this vein.

Buy Now: Hope Technology Stealth Race X2 Evo disc brake for only £136.00!

Hope Technology AM 50mm Stem – £90.00 – £71.99

Save 20%! Hope uses special stainless steel bolts for strength that also have excellent resistance to rusting. All bolts use the same 4mm Allen heads, and oppose one another on the steerer tube for better rigidity and connection on the fork.

Buy Now: Hope Technology AM 50mm Stem for only £71.99!

e.thirteen LG1R Crank Arms – £289.00 – £74.99

Save 74%! Are you contemplating trying shorter cranks for increased ground clearance on lower slung progressive geometry bikes? And/or to see if the shorter crank arms are nicer to your knees?

Buy Now: e.thirteen LG1R Crank Arms for only £74.99!

X-Tools Rotor Trueing Fork – £9.99 – £3.99

Save 60%! What’s better than a trueing fork? A trueing fork with three slots in it, that’s what! Why three slots? To enable you to get at the rotor at just the right angle for accurate true-bending.

Buy Now: X-Tools Rotor Trueing Fork for only £3.99!

Maxxis Minion SS 29″ x 2.3″ tyre – £49.99 – £21.99

Save 56%! The edge tread blocks are the same as the hugely popular Minion tyre, and point straight into the earth more than other similar designs tested, and are paired with lower, angular tread squiggles down the centre.

Buy Now: Maxxis Minion SS 29″ x 2.3″ tyre for only £21.99!

Spy Optic Shield ANSI Goggle – £44.99 – £19.99

Save 55%! Enduro race season is almost upon us. Whether you’re an EWS entrant, a UK enduro series entrant or you simply just like the vibe and style of enduro, you need some decent goggs to get your enduro on good and proper.

Buy Now: Spy Optic Shield ANSI Goggle for only £19.99!

Shimano XT CN-HG701 11 Speed Chain – £34.99 – £23.95

Save 31.5%! Compatible with all 11 speed mountain bike (and even road) drivetrains. Feel free to pair it with a Powerlink from non-Shimano, it’ll be fine.

Buy Now: Shimano XT CN-HG701 11 Speed Chain for only £23.95!

X-Tools Nitrile Mechanic Gloves (50 pack) – £12.99 – £4.99

Buy Now: X-Tools Nitrile Mechanic Gloves (50 pack) for only £4.99!

Save 62%! These are far more than thin, fragile single-use gloves. Unless they get truly ruined or dirty beyond the pale, you’ll get two or three uses out of these rubber mechanic gloves. As well as protecting your skin from nasty substances, a good set of nitrile gloves actually add tactility and purchase to your repair work.