Farewell summer

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another blast of bikey bargains from the World Wide Web. This is the 54th edition of Dirty Deals. My, how time has flown.

Fire Eye Goosebumps-R grips – £12.99 – £7.84

Hold on folks, here’s a bargain bike grips deal. Hold on, geddit? Sorry. Every bike brand in the world has its own version of a lock-on ODI Ruffian by now, and here’s Fire Eye’s version. No-nonsense do-it-all grip in boring black or punchy purple.

Currently on sale for only £7.84!

Thomson DH 7050 Alloy riser bars – £99.99 – £78.99

Thomson are one of the most prestigious and revered brands in all off mountain biking. Anything with Thomson branding on it is going to be spot-on. No different here if you’re after a lowish riser bar without too much sweep going on; 780mm wide, 12mm rise, 6° back, 4° up.

Currently on sale for only £78.99!

Orange Seal sealant plus applicator – £10.00 – £8.50

Tubeless is most definitely coming of age; almost all regular mountain bikers run their wheels without inner tubes now. There are a few products that make tubeless a bit easier to live with. One is a tubeless inflator and the other is aapplicator or injector. This is a good one from Orange Seal.

Currently on sale for only £8.50!

Pro Koryak dropper post – £199.99 – £149.99

In case you didn’t know – and why would you really? – Pro is Shimano in disguise. Or rather, Pro is Shimano’s component brand. This is their Koryak dropper post which is proving to be a popular option for those not willing to shell out hundreds of quids on a seatpost but who also don’t want an overly hefty and agricultural dropper either.

Currently on sale for only £149.99!

Shimano XTR M9000 Race disc brakes – £209.99 – £130.00

Whilst there is arguably no real reason to get XTR-level Shimano brakes no that every level of Shimano brake is pretty much excellent, there is something about having that XTR label and lustrous sheen that makes you… well, smug. Reassured. Happy.

Currently on sale for only £130.00!

Ultimate Hardware 15mm pedal spanner – £9.99 – £2.99

A slim spanner with a 15mm gob on it. You know, for pedals? That’s it really. Not at all glamorous or ingenious or new. But if you could do with one, here’s one for three quid.

Currently on sale for only £2.99!

Giro Phase helmet – £79.99 – £34.99

You don’t see helmets like these very much anymore now that everyone and their dog has gone fully enduro (“never go full enduro”) but don’t be a sheep when it comes to head protection. Helmets with loads of vents, deep-enough head coverage and a nice peak are very hard to fault for regular riding.

Currently on sale for only £34.99!

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Performance bundle – £549.99 – £388.49

Feel like branching out and spreading your wings away from your local trail spots and the usual suspect trail centres? Get yourself equipped with a proper GPS combo and feel the freedom to explore. Despite the price tag this could actually be the best thing you ever buy for your riding life.

Currently on sale for only £388.49!

Exposure Joystick Mk11 inc. helmet mount – £157.49 – £99.95

Currently on sale for only £99.95!

Although winter is still quite far off that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about it (sorry!). Exposure make the best all-in head torch out there. That’s pretty much been the case since Mk1 came out all those years ago. Much more than just a torch from Aldi, the Joystick is totally dialled and refined.