Shop 'til you drop. Or just 'til you've had enough anyway.

This week’s widely cast trawling net of the internet retailers has landed some proper pearlers. Something for everyone in this lot.

Specialized Body Geometry Sport gloves – £21.99 – £14.29

A person can have too many gloves. Scratch that. A mountain biker cannot have too many gloves. Gloves get lost in the wash, gloves get left in the car, gloves get filthy and gloves get soaking wet mid-ride. Basically, you need at least one pair of mountain bike gloves in every room of your house and in every vehicle you ever go in.

Currently available for only £14.29!

Specialized Shasta Women’s shorts – £69.99 – £19.60

Blimey. That’s quite some discount there. 72% to be exact. And these aren’t even basic overshorts; they’re technical riding shorts that come complete with a female specific liner short too! They’re on the short side of shorts – as opposed to enduro-friendly knee-length shorts – but if you like that sort of thing – game on.

Currently available for only £19.60!

GoPro Chest Mount Harness – £39.99 – £26.98

Is everyone – including yourself – bored to tears with your existing helmet-mounted GoPro footage? It’s not a good place to bung a camera, your helmet. It makes everything flat and slow. Get your cam on your chest and things are instantly more immersive and interesting.

Currently available for only £26.98!

Osprey 1.5 litre reservoir – £28.00 – £17.98

Has your existing bladder gone manky? After a season of shorter rides just using a water bottle it’s often the case that you return to your neglected hydration pack bladder only to find that it’s sporting some interesting looking black cobweb gunk stuff inside it. Nice (not). Here’s an ideal replacement if you don’t want the flop and faff of a full-on three litre bladder.

Currently available for only £17.98!

8 x Camelbak Cleaning Tablets – £13.99 – £9.99

Maybe you should show your bladder some loving. No, not like that. Pop a special tablet in it and watch it fizz away and do its cleaning magic. It only takes five minutes and you’re good to go again.

Currently available for only £9.99!

Oakley Photochromic Jawbreaker – £210.00 – £124.99

Mark ‘The Cav’ Cavendish’s signature Oakley but in a ‘react-to-light’ lens version which makes them ideal for us dirty types. Massive coverage design is welcome off-road too. Come to think of it, who on Earth wears these on a road bike other than Cav? Wotevz. Great shades at a more affordable price than usual.

Currently available for only £124.99!

Specialized Bennies flat pedals – £70.00 – £48.00

These are cult pedals. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, prepare to be inducted into the cult. Sealed cartridge bearings, alloy cage, cromo axle, 100mm x 105mm platform, 17mm thick in the middle, 19mm at the ends. A great feeling flat pedal with no weaknesses. Well, so long as you can live with the colour!

Currently available for only £48.00!

Topeak Smart Digital tyre pressure gauge – £29.99 – £22.49

>>>How to set your tyre pressures [VIDEO]

The best pressure gauge there is. Why? It’s accurate and just so easy – and weirdly enjoyable – to use. Auto-fits onto Presta and Schrader valves (the latter means it can be used as-is on your suspension fork and rear shock). Super-useful rotating head makes it easy to locate in a position where you can read the display easily – and micro-adjust via the bleed button if required. OTT? Not until you’ve used one.

Currently available for only £22.49!

Shimano M089 SPD shoes – £94.99 – £59.25

Are you a clipper innerer? This is a great deal on a pair of stealthy, no-nonsense performance mountain bike shoes. Not too racy, not too stiff, not too bendy, not too garish. Just a mighty fine pair of shoes that are all too easy to miss due to their classic simplicity.

Currently available for only £59.25!

Five Ten FreeRider Elements – £90.00 – £75.99

If you’re a fully paid up member of the Flat (Pedal) Earth Society then you’re no doubt always got half an eye out for deals on Five Tens. They’re never in any major sales are they? That’s the sign of a brilliant and unique product that is. This is about the best deal we’ve ever seen on any proper flat pedal-friendly Five Ten (we don’t count deals on the SPD Five Tens). These are the Elements Five Tens ie. the ones with the water repelling coating.

Currently available for only £75.99!

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Trailstar – £58.99 – £32.99

Currently available for only £32.99!

What’s wrong with these Hans Damf tyres then? Are they one of the weird sketchy compound versions? Nope. Are they only available in one wheel size? Nope (26, 27.5 and 29 available). Oh okay, they must be a really skinny width then? Nope. The reason these are in the sale is that Schwalbe have changed all the names of their compounds (Addix) for 2018 so there are bargains to be had on tyres from the pre-Addix era.