Forward this to whom it may concern.

It’s Father’s Day this coming Sunday – June 18th – so get the Old Man something he’ll appreciate. 15 great ideas here.

Who’s the Daddy?

Is it you? Then you need to be sending this webpage to your offsprings. Don’t be subtle about it either. If you don’t ask…

Master Lock 10 piece bungee organiser – £19.99 – £14.97

This may be the most most ‘Dad’ thing we’ve ever put into Dirty Deals. A set of ten bungees complete with some sort of organiser backing card/wraparound thingy. Different length bungees, different coloured bungees, differing thickness bungess… For the bungee-aholic in your life.

Currently available for only £14.97!

Park I-Beam IB-3 multi tool – £24.99 – £16.99

A mountain biker can never have too many cool multi tools. We really rate I-Beam tools from Park Tool. They strike a great balance of useability, functions, weight and price. This is the one that has a chain tool so is arguably as loaded as anyone needs.

Currently available for only £16.99!

Crank Brothers Gem mini pump – £19.99 – £16.95

A jewel-like mini pump from the asters of all things designed all proper lovely like – Crank Brothers. Most folks’ mini pumps are boring black affairs. Light up your Dad’s punctures with something with a bit of shine to it.

Currently available for only £16.95!

Sealskinz Road Thin Mid waterproof socks – £37.00 – £22.20

Ignore the word ‘Road’ in the description. Although these are nominally designed for road cyclists, they are actually more suited to mountain bikers wishing to avoid overly chunky and hot waterproof socks. It may be summer but have you seen the weather lately?

Currently available for only £22.20!

Arundel Dave-O Carbon bottle cage – £55.00 – £19.99

Although it’s white this bottle cage really is carbon. And as such it weighs in at a scant 30g! Arundel were one of the first to really sort out a decent carbon cage that actually worked and wasn’t too fragile or too stiff to actually, y’know, hold a water bottle with water in it(!). Huge discount on this at the mo.

Currently available for only £19.99!

Topeak Ninja C chain tool – £27.99 – £21.59

Never be caught out without a chain tool ever again with the ingenious Ninja C; a chain tool that hides in your handlebar until it’s time to get it out and use it. Also includes a super handy chain hook (which makes things sooo much easier) and the appropriate Allen key for operating the chain tool.

Currently available for only £21.59!

X-Tools Pro magnetic bowl – £7.99 – £5.98

If you want to reduce the amount of huffing and puffing and swearing from the garage then do your Dad a favour and get him a magnetic parts tray. No more losing the vital little things that ruin the whole operation.

Currently available for only £5.98!

Hope Titanium disc rotor bolts – £19.21 – £17.49

Now these are something that no-one really buys other than racers or total leg-shaving, gram-counting weight weenies. So you can be pretty sure that if you give these as a gift you’ll not be handing over something that they have already. And if they have, they’ll be glad of some more!

Currently available for only £17.49!

Cannondale Silicone grips – £14.99 – £11.99

NB: also available in black if you’re not that keen on this garish green colour! What’s good about silicone grips? Lighter weight, increased comfort and more shock absorbency.

Currently available for only £11.99!

Ass Savers Extended Mudguard – £7.69 – £5.84

A quick-on/quick-off no-tools insta-mudguard that you can keep in your backpack for when the puddles are out in force and you really don’t want to be dealing with a soggy gusset. Loadsa colours.

Currently available for only £5.84!

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair Vol 2 – £24.99 – £18.99

Spend money to save money. By getting someone this book you’re giving them the gift of self reliance and a vastly reduced bike workshop repaiur bill. You’re also giving them a better bike than they have already; a well maintained and set-up cheaper bike is much better to ride than an expensive bike that’s badly set-up or neglected.

Currently available for only £18.99!

Castelli Diverso socks – £17.99 – £10.79

If your Dad only ever gets his socks from TK Maxx or Aldi, treat him to some proper lush socks from the Italian fashionistas known as Castelli (ask a roadie). Well worth wearing both on and off the bike.

Currently available for only £10.79!

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX – £27.99 – £20.49

Sure, you CAN use this a multi-tool – or even a workshop tool – but the principal joy of this item is fiddling with it while you’re doing other things (watching telly, pretending to do work, sat in A&E etc etc). You might drive other people around you to distraction but that’s tough. An addictively clicky thing.

Currently available for only £20.49!

Subscription to mbr – from £20.50

Gotta be done.

Currently available for only £20.50!

X-Tools Pro Logo apron – £17.99 – £12.99

Currently available for only £12.99!

Protect your clothing from oil, grease and flying tyre sealant by throwing on a proper workshop apron. Heavy duty, hides-the-stains black colourway, six pockets for holding the bits you’re working with. No more stuffing oily things in your best jeans’ pockets or losing stuff under the chest freezer.