Get ready for Half Term Bank Holiday.

May is all about bluebells and Bank Holidays and… bikes, obviously. Here’s this week’s round-up of all the very, very deals and discounts kicking around The Internets.

Bontrager SE4 team Issue 27.5 x 2.2 – £44.99 – £19.99

A fast and grippy tyre ideal for rear wheel use. Folding bead, tubeless ready and a very respectable weight considering the strong construction (855g).

Currently available for only £19.99!

Bell Traverse helmet – £44.99 – £22.49

An ideal helmets for a number of reasons: a first proper helmet, a spare just-in-case helmet, a commuting helmet, need-a-quick replacement helmet. There are all kinds of reasons to get this helmet really, number one being it’s not much more than twenty quid.

Currently available for only £22.49!

Polar M400 GPS watch – £135.50 – £99.99

Every time we encounter a GPS device from an established and respected brand, we almost automatically bung it straight into Dirty Deals. A GPS watch is the preferred option for lots of people. Especially people who do lots of different sports, or have more than one bike.

Currently available for only £99.99!

Ortlieb Travel Zip Bag – £129.99 – £64.99

Waterproof rufty-tufty brand Ortlieb are one of those brands that you initally think “I’m not paying THAT much for a flipping bag thanks”. And then you encounter one in the real world and you realised what all the fuss is about. A bag that will quite possibly outlast you and all the mad adventures yo choose to take it on.

Currently available for only £64.99!

Osprey Zealot backpack – £79.99 – £47.24

Osprey backpacks are a firm favourite amongst the more weight-conscious mountain bikers and outdoorsy folk out there. Although made of lightweight fabrics and fastenings these are no delicate items. Osprey stuff is more than capable of withstanding many seasons of proper mountain use.

Currently available for only £47.24!

RockShox Reverb Stealth 150mm – £436.00 – £247.99

Dropper posts are firmly established as a must-have game-changing product. You more than likely have one in your bike already. Chances are though it only offers you around 120mm of drop or so. Which is nice, but 150mm of drop is better. Check your bike frame can take that much drop before purchasing!

Currently available for only £247.99!

Shimano DX M647 pedals – £84.99 – £50.98

Man, how long has this design been out now? Must be more than ten years, easily in some form or another. Also known as the ‘DX’ SPuD, the Shimano M647 is still being made because people want it. Big support, positive action, sturdy resin body that glides off impacts. Perfect really.

Currently available for only £50.98!

High5 Zero Electrolyte tablets 8-pack – £55.99 – £19.99

A simple solution to proper and effective hydration. Easier to deal with than powders. Better than just (not) drinking water in your bottle or bladder. Not overly sickly or strong in flavour but just enough zest to it to make it refreshing.

Currently available for only £19.99!

Sixpack F-Trix Silicone grips – £12.22 – £5.99

Want to try something a bit different to the usual boring lock-on grips? Then you may wish to try some silicone grips. Be warned: once tried some riders never use anything else and end up becoming annoying preachers about The Way Of The Silicone. Comfy, less buzz, lighter and less arm pump.

Currently available for only £5.99!

Endura Hummvee baggy shorts – £49.99 – £29.99

The Hummvee must be one of the most common sights on the legs of mountain bikers. You’ll not be able to spend a day at a trial centre without seeing someone whiz buy wearing a pair of these. A modern classic bit of clobber.

Currently available for only £29.99!

Shimano XT M785 wheelset 27.5″ or 29″ – £450.00 – £230.00

Currently available for only £230.00!

“Weight: 1775g (27.5″) 1850g (29″). UST Tubeless ready rims. Centre-Lock disc mount. Bearing races ground with Cubic Boron Nitride tool for high precision. Spokes: 24 butted stainless steel straight pull. Freehub: Shimano 8/9/10 speed anodised steel. Rim width: 19mm (internal) 23.3mm (external). Rim height: 21mm. Hub length: 15 x 100 (front) 12 x 142 (rear).”