They were up but now they're down

This week’s Dirty Deals is a dropper post specific one. Here are the best deals on t’internet if you’re on the lookout for a dropper seatpost.

Need some buying advice before taking the dropper plunge? Read our guide to the best mountain bike dropper posts.

We’ve split the posts into two sorts: non-Stealth posts and Stealth posts.

A non-Stealth dropper post

Non-stealth dropper posts

These are the older type of posts where the cabling goes outside of the bike frame and plumbs into the head of the seatpost.

RSP Plummet Remote 100mm – £126.99 – £79.00

100mm drop with infinite adjustability. Air free design. Hydraulically damped. Cable operated handlebar remote. Dual bolt inline saddle clamp. 720g including cable and remote.

Currently available for only £79.00!

X-Fusion Hilo 125mm – £199.99 – £159.99

“Hydraulic design allows for smooth adjustability. Double key-way design prevents lateral twisting. Passes CEN testing for fatigue and impact. Wide range of seatpost angle adjustment. Lightweight design 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg).”

Currently available for only £159.99!

RockShox Reverb (Mk1) 125mm – £299.99 – £177.99

Reverb v1.0. The original market-leading dropper post. Needs no introduction needed.

Currently available for only £177.99!

X-Fusion Hilo SL Plus Remote 125mm – £249.99 – £194.99

“Hydraulic design allows for smooth adjustability. Double key-way design prevents lateral twisting. 100 gram weight saving over steel shaft models. Weight: 450g (no cable).”

Currently available for only £194.99!

RockShox Reverb B1 – £335.00 – £249.99

“The new Reverb. Completely redesigned internals with new SKF internal floating piston. Improved performance and durability in all conditions. Increased bushing overlap. New dedicated post length per travel length.”

Currently available for only £249.99!

Thomson Elite – £400.00 – £313.99

“Many have begrudgingly given up their beloved Thomson post for one of the many dropper posts available but now Thomson have answered your prayers. You want the increased control a dropper post gives you? Well now you can put a Thomson post back on your bike.”

Currently available for only £313.99!

A Stealth dropper post

Stealth dropper posts

The newer type of post design where the cable enters the frame’s seat tube all neat and tidy like. You’ll need to have a compatible frame (with the appropriate holes in the frame tubes).

Brand-X Ascend – £139.99 – £125.99

“Introducing the Ascend Dropper Seatpost from Brand-X; a consistent and dependable remotely operated, internally routed dropper seatpost, which allows riders to infinitely adjust their saddle height to suit the terrain ahead, without having to take their hands off their handlebars.”

Currently available for only £125.99!

Giant Contact SL Switch – £169.99 – £152.99

At over 600g, the Contact SL Switch isn’t the lightest cable actuated dropper on test, but the extra sizes, dual routing and low price make it ideal for new users.

Currently available for only £152.99!

Race Face Turbine – £349.99 – £224.99

Lower air pressures and static seals offer unrivalled performance, control, and reliability. Turbine also operates in below-freezing temperatures making it perfect for Fat Bikes and cold weather riding. Less down time for service equals more saddle time on the trails.”

Currently available for only £224.99!

Crank Brothers Highline – £274.99 – £242.98

We can’t fault the HighLine — it’s light, reliable and cheaper than the RockShox Reverb and Fox Transfer. It’s taken a while, but Crank Brothers may have finally cracked the dropper post.

Currently available for only £242.98!

RockShox Reverb Stealth B1 – £436.00 – £277.00

The Reverb Stealth is lightweight, has a low ride height and offers trouble-free performance. It’s also available in a load of options: three drops, two lengths and two sizes. It might be getting old but it’s still the best on the market.

Currently available for only £277.00!

Thomson Elite Covert – £400.00 – £313.99

Thomson components are known for their impeccable quality, attention to detail, and overall strength. No stranger to the all-mountain trail bike, it was only logical that Thomson would branch into the dropper seatpost market; furthermore, into the internal-cable-routed dropper seatpost market.”

Currently available for only £313.99!

And a couple of other dropper post things…

Magura Vyron Elect Wireless – £336.00 – £279.00

“The first dropper seat post with wireless remote control! Ride with 100% safety and efficiency, at the touch of a button. No wires. Feel the ultimate rush on the bike. Built for extreme All-mountain and Enduro rides, across even the most punishing terrains, maximize bike control and handling with the Vyron eLECT seatpost. Adjust the saddle height on the go via the ANT+ wireless remote, no fuss with cables. Easily transferred between bikes.”

Currently available for only £279.00!

Pro dropper post protector – £9.99

With neoprene construction and a tough woven outer skin this is the ideal solution to protect your dropper seatpost. By keeping mud dust debris and stones away from the upper stantion of your post you can drastically decrease servicing costs and frequency. Easily and securely mounts to your saddle rails and post. Quick and simple to wash and very light.”

Currently available for only £9.99!

Normal service resumed next week

See you all next week for the usual mixed bag of mountain biking bargains that is Dirty Deals. Toodle-pip!