This week's pick of the online deals

This week sees our regular Dirty Deals series dropping the themed deals of the past two weeks and returning to the classic something-for-everyone vibe.

It seems the sales season is really beginning to ramp up. There are significantly more discounted deals flying around online than there have been in recent weeks. If you’ve been keeping your powder dry waiting for some proper bargains – it’s time to reap what you’ve sewn.

Something for everyone…

Sixpack F-Trix Silicone grips – £12.22 – £7.40


There’s a trend for grips to get fat again. After the past few years of Lock-on grips getting slimmer and slimmer, some riders have realised that the skinny way is perhaps not the best way for them. Non-locking silicone grips have been popular on the ultra-distance and marathon scene for quite a while and now they’re making more and more of an appearance on trail bikes. Light but comfortable with none of the squidge or bulk of chunky Lock-ons.

These Sixpack silicone grips can be yours for only £7.40!

Sixpack Kamikaze760 riser bar – £54.98 – £25.30


Another cut-price staple item from the house of Sixpack. The colours available may vary from the anodised red shown here so don’t let that put you off. This is just a nice, no-nonsense bar, perfect for someone upgrading a too-narrow and/or too-low bar that came with their off-the-peg bike. 760mm wide, 25mm ride.

Up the look and feel of the your front end with this bar for only £25.30!

LifeLine Essential torque wrench set – £27.50


Sooner or later, as a mountain biker, you realise you’ve been tightening your bolts far too tight. Overtight bolts are not only dangerous (they can lead to snapped components) they can impair the function of your bike. The classic case in point is dropper seatposts not dropping/raising properly because the seatcollar has been done up too tight. Look carefully at most components and there’ll be a Nm number on there. This tool tightens things up to your desired Nm number.

Stop tightening stuff wrong and get this handy all-in-one torque set for only £27.50!

Met Kaos UL helmet – £119.99 – £59.99


Although huge in mainland Europe, MET aren’t quite in the top tier of helmets brands that UK riders think of. They should be. MET make some brilliant helmets. Take this Koas UL for example: full polycarbonate wrap, composite inserts, broad-spread retention strap, gel front pad, kelvar straps and much else besides. If your head has never quite fitted a Giro or a Bell, for example, then try a MET.

MET’s top end all-mountain Kaos helmets can be yours for only £59.99!

Icebreaker Cool-Lite Strike short sleeve half zip top – £85.00 – £38.35


It might feel like a funny time of year to push a short sleeve jersey but this merino wool garment from Icebreaker is something of a year-round affair for us UK riders. It’ll deal with your sweat in summer, it’ll keep you cosy (as an under layer) in winter and it’ll regulate itself well in all those other times of year no matter what the weather.

This seriously useful bit of kit can be had for only £38.35!

Diadora X-Trail 2 mountain bike shoes – £149.99 – £60.00


For those who clip-in, we salute you. We all know you can never have enough cycling shoes when it comes to this of year. The X-Trail 2 from Diadora is a great option for those who just want a normal riding shoe for getting out there on XC rides. Efficient and with decent power transfer, this shoe is biased towards on-bike, in-pedal performance. It should also shrug off the worst of the weather whilst not being overly hefty (355g).

The X-Trail 2 shoes are currently on sale at only £60.00!

Even more Dirty Deals!

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition – £329.99£274.99

Syncros Alloy 11 multitool – £24.98£13.99

Bell Stoker MTB helmet – £64.99£29.99

RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air fork 26″/27.5″ – £765.00£559.99

e.thirteen Guidering M Narrow/Wide chainring – £42.95£30.52

Scott Rocket II knee pads – £44.99£35.99

Ibera Waterproof iPhone 5 case – £24.98£7.96

Gore Bike Wear Alp-X Windstopper zip-off jersey – £169.99£85.00

Fox 32 Float CTD FIT Factory 100mm fork 27.5″/29″ – £799.99£219.99

661 Evo AM helmet – £99.99£44.99

High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink tablet – £6.99£3.49

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Snakeskin tyre 26″/27.5″/29″ – £58.99£32.99

Shimano XTR M9020 Trail SPD pedal – £129.99£76.99

That’s all for this week’s Dirty Deals. More next week!