Motorbiking video on Skye 'illegal'?

MacAskill accused of being irresponsible and degrading the mountain environment of Skye‘s during his motorbike powered summit of the Ben Na Caillich Horseshoe.

The video was posted on to Danny MacAskill‘s Facebook page a couple of days ago (April 4th) and it didn’t take long for it to go viral and end up under the gazes of various disapproving members of the public and various outdoor access groups.

The general claim is that MacAskill’s actions go against the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

A row has subsequently broken out between Danny MacAskill and various outdoor user groups, principally Mountaineering Scotland.

Mountaineering Scotland statement

David Gibson, Mountaineering Scotland’s CEO: “We’ve admired Danny’s skill, expertise and nerve on his bike, and were thrilled at his exploits on the Inn Pinn.

“But we question his judgement about riding a motorcycle on the mountains.

“It’s irresponsible, it’s against the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and it results in erosion and degradation of the mountain environment.

“We would not recommend that anyone follows this example. Stick to your bike Danny.”

Some of the comments under the Facebook page stick up for MacAskill although a number of them are not exactly helping to diffuse the tensions; one commenter says: “Brilliant. Bet all the Munro bagging trumpets are up in arms.”