Particularly relevant to e-bikes

Twenty years after its inception, the government have announced updated Cycle to Work Scheme guidance removing the £1,000 price cap.

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This move makes it easier than ever before for employers to provide staff with cycles and equipment including e-bikes worth over £1,000. The move issues in a new era for the Cycle to Work scheme that could help many more commuters turn to greener journeys using e-bikes.

It is anticipated the new guidance will: enable more people than ever before to access the benefits of regularly cycling to work; significantly increasing the health and well being of individuals; further reduce the number of cars on the road, overall improving air quality in towns and city centres.

As a result the scheme will be more inclusive than ever before, and particularly beneficial to those who need an electric or specially-adapted bike to get to work, including people with disabilities, lower-earners and those who live further from work, unable to walk or cycle long distances without assistance.

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Julie Coxhill, product director for – providers of Cycle Scheme – the UK’s leading cycle scheme benefits package offers commentary on the announcement: “The news of the Cycle to Work Scheme maximum spend cap being removed by Central Government this week is welcomed by all in the benefit provider category.

“Since the scheme began 20 years ago the cost of bikes has increased significantly, but the cap has not. This has meant that less and less people have been able to take advantage of the scheme.”