Can an aluminium frame be boutique? These Chisels certainly look the part.

Specialized has added new limited-edition versions of its Chisel hardtail for those who mountain bikers who appreciate the environment and artistry.

Aluminium might not be steel as the frame material of choice for creative graphic design, but Specialized is challenging that perception with its artist series.

Using the standard Chisel frame as a canvas, Specialized has commissioned and applied four unique colourways. Or artistic interpretations, if you are more given to the art college way of thinking.

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Custom colours from a big brand

These four designs are classed as earth, wind, water and fire – representing the primary elements. There is no arguing that each design is anything but striking and unique, in a marketplace where most aluminium frames are finished in rather pedestrian colourways.

No matter which of the four limited-edition Chisels you choose, each one comes with an artwork book detailing the conceptual journey of Specialized and its artistic collaborators on the project.

These limited edition Chisels are striking to look at and offer the calibre of finishing and individuality that usually only comes with a custom sprayed frame. With the four themes (earth, wind, water and fire) covering the spectrum of warm and cold colours, riders are sure to find one which matches their fancy and mountain biking kit, as an ensemble.

Slick surface makes for perfect colour transitions

Part of what made the Chisel frame such a suitable choice for this Specialized limited edition product initiative, was its smoothed tube junctures.

Using Chris D’Aluisio’s innovative smoothweld technology, the Chisel has an impeccable surface finish. This allows these limited edition frames to apply their intricate colourways without any awkward texturing around the head tube or bottom bracket.

Specialized is marketing the limited edition Chisel at £1099, for a frame. The earth and air variants are available immediately with those wanting a fire or water Chisel, having to wait until the second week of June.