A great first step on the full suspension e-mtb ladder

Powering the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 is the Bosch Performance CX drive unit. This has four ride modes, eco, tour, eMTB and turbo.

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Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 need to know

  • Battery: 500wh internal
  • Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX
  • Power: 250W
  • Torque: 75Nm
  • New Bosch Power Tube 500 is integrated into the down tube
  • Walk mode can be accessed via a button on the bottom of the display
  • Reinforced Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.6in tyres
  • Features an easy-to-reach under bar dropper post remote
  • Price: £3,199

Cube has been at the forefront of e-biking with its Stereo Hybrid for many uyears. The new model features revised suspension that’s tuned sapecifically for e-bikes.

Battery integration is the buzz word for e-bikes this year. Mounting the battery inside the down tube, not only protects it from water and dirt, and it also lowers the centre of gravity by getting the heaviest bit of the bike lower down in the frame. This adds stability and improves the overall handling. An added bonus on the Stereo Hybrid 140 is it also frees up space for a bottle cage, which we reckon is dead handy for those short lunch time rides.

The compact Bosch Purion display lets you view vital data, such as range and speed, as well as cycles through the four power modes.

Now on to the Bosch Performance CX drive unit. This has four ride modes, eco, tour, eMTB and turbo. The eMTB mode replaces the previous sport setting and automatically adjust the amount of assistance you receive, which simply means, the harder or faster you pedal, the more it helps you.

Cube has designed a new one-piece Gravity casting that protects the Bosch intube battery, lowers the centre of gravity and creates space for a water bottle.

The Purion control unit is mounted above the bar making the Stereo one of the few bikes to rock an under-bar dropper remote. With Bosch mini sprocket it also has the best mud clearance round the drive side and is a really easy bike to keep clean.

Taking care of the shifting is a 11-speed Shimano transmission, which is incredibly smooth and offers plenty of range. To improve shifting performance the drive-side dropout features an Adaptable Syntace X12 Hanger. This may not look like much but if you bend the Adaptable hanger it’s designed to not damage the frame.

Suntour provides the suspension for the Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro and both ends get 140mm travel. Cube has revised the suspension kinematics to be a bit more progressive this year, so there’s a bit more support. Cube has also added some length to the bike making it more sure-footed when the trails take a turn for the worst.

With its new eMTB function the Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro has super smoother power delivery, which is perfect for maintaining traction on steep slippery climbs. This do-it-all option also allows you to manage the battery life much effectively.

Cube has also tweaked the geometry this year adding a few millimetres to the chainstays and wheelbase for greater stability and on rough terrain the Stereo Hybrid 140 feels incredibly solid e-bike. The Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro has some fine details but the best thing has to be the price – at £3200 it’s a great first step on the full suspension e-mtb ladder.