Watch Chris Akrigg create imaginative trials lines and rip some serious technical descents in his latest video, showing what he wants from a great ride

‘There was a young man from Yorkshire, who rode many a bike in ways he shouldn’t ought to’. This pretty much sums up the man who became known for his exceptional trial skills, Chris Akrigg. He’s shown his incredible skills across many a video and on a multitude of different bikes. Whether aboard a trials, a cyclocross, a mountain or even a fat bike his videos are guaranteed bangers and always demonstrate the same mad skills and modest personality.

He is not only a trials genius, he’s also pretty swift when it comes to riding mountain bikes and ‘bread and butter’ gives a great demonstration of how he combines the two, how he creates what he rides from the trails around him at the time. We get an insight into how Akrigg puts his lines together and how he likes to ride his bike and it’s pretty remarkable stuff.

He’s a pretty normal chap really, likes riding his bike and doing what makes him happy. The only different is that he’s really good at it. And at 10 minutes long its the perfect length for a rest, so get yourself a cuppa and watch magic in action.

You can learn about how to be a control freak yourself with some helpful tips from the man as well as enjoying some Chrisscross cyclocross skills.