New Canyon Performance MTB Flat Pedals come in two size with replaceable pins and bi-directional concave profile


Flat pedals can win medals, but where they’re consistently popular is on the trail, and Canyon’s foray into flat pedal production comes with the goal of producing the best trail pedals possible. They’ve been developed in collaboration with Canyon’s extensive athlete roster in the freeride and downhill disciplines, are two years in the making, and have plenty of the right kind of features.

Need to know:

  • Two sizes to fit either EU36-42 or EU43-48
  • Alloy body, steel axle and replaceable bearings
  • 10 replaceable pins, with replacement pins available separately
  • Service kit available in the future
  • 200kg maximum load
  • Available from 28th June
  • €99.95

Foot on pedal on New Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedals

“When you’re pushing the boundaries of design and development, you need those invaluable insights that you only get from riders who’re capable of pushing things to the absolute limits and beyond,” shares Canyon Product Manager Johannes Wetzel. “So of course, we were delighted to work with our athletes on these pedals.”

“Right from the start, they helped us identify precisely what makes the perfect pedal – the ideal balance of grip, toughness, lightness, and durability. And then, when it came down to actually building them, they provided real, actionable input  that we fed directly back into the design. And we’re absolutely stoked with the result.”

Pedal design and features

The pedal platform is constructed from alloy with steel axles and sealed bearings, and there are two sizes available designed to suit different rider shoe size; one for EU36-42, and one for EU43-48.

Pin detail on New Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedals

The platform features a bi-directioncal concave profile, from front to back and from side to side, giving the platform a bowl like shape for additional grip. The idea is your shoe, when weighted, will fit into that bowl and be gripped by the pedal pins, of which there are 10 on each side, and which are replaceable.

Additional features include an edge design that should slide off, rather than hook up on, rocks, and embossed stripes offer even more traction between shoe and pedal.

New Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedals

And finally, they’re available in either ‘stealthy black’ or ‘flash white raw’.

Serviceable and adaptable

Canyon states that the pedal bearings are serviceable, which is good news for anyone who rides in the wet. The brand will be launching a service kit which will include new bearings, seals, dust caps and the appropriate tools, available to purchase separately to the pedals.

Replacement pins will also be available aftermarket, in a regular length and a longer length for riders looking for extra grip.

Anxle detal on New Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedals

More to come

Canyon also states that there are two further pedal designs to come later in 2023; a budget version of the Performance MTB Flat Pedal, and an urban version for the commuter and city riders out there.

The MTB Flat Pedal will, Canyon says, ‘take all the style of the alloy MTB Performance Flat Pedal and make it available in a more accessible package’. This means a reinforced nylon composite platform with CroMo axles and sealed bearings.

The Urban Flat Pedals will have reflective strips, a grainy surface for enhanced friction (no pins here) and optional branded Canyon plates.

Price and availability

The Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedals will be available from the 28th June 2023, with the service kit and replacement pins available shortly thereafter. The budget MTB Flat Pedal will be released later in 2023, but no date has yet been specified.

Canyon MTB Performance Flat Pedal RRP: €99.95

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