Newly launched Grail gravel bike hints at potential new down tube storage system for the German brand's MTBs.


Canyon’s latest gravel bike launched last week, and as diehard mountain bikers we initially didn’t pay any attention. But a random social media post highlighted the Grail’s new Aero LOAD feature, with its internal down tube storage and clever FidLock bag mount – something Canyon is currently missing on its range of highly rated mountain bikes

So could a version of the Aero LOAD be on its way to Canyon’s mountain bike range? There’s a very high probability, and with more and more brands offering internal frame storage on their mountain bikes, Canyon would be missing a trick if it didn’t exploit the practical benefits. And as mountain bike down tubes usually have much greater volume than road bikes, there’s even greater potential for features and carrying capacity. 

Canyon Grail Aero LOAD storage system

The hatch on Canyon’s Grail Aero LOAD storage system can hold both a mini-tool and a mini-pump.

What really makes Canyon’s new design stand out from the likes of Specialized’s SWAT, Trek’s BITS, Santa Cruz’s Glovebox, and Orbea’s LOCKR, is the clever packaging. Pop open the hatch and there’s a mini-tool and mini-pump clipped to the underside, which means less faff fishing around for tools and spares. With the FIX Minitool boasting a mix of seven popular hex and Torx keys. 

Canyon Grail Aero LOAD storage system

Custom frame organiser is easily removable, even from the slender gravel bike down tube.

A custom waterproof and dustproof LOAD Tool Pack and Tool Snake slides into the down tube cavity, and is easily retrieved thanks to a pull loop at one end. Inside there are custom pockets for tyre levers, a CO2 head and cartridge, and an inner tube. 

The final piece of the puzzle that sets Canyon’s solution apart from the competition is a frame bag system that locks into place with discreet, magnetic FidLock mounts. This means luggage can be installed or removed in seconds, without fiddly bolts or frame scratching straps. This could be a great solution for a small frame bag or tool wrap on a mountain bike. 

Canyon Grail Aero LOAD storage system

The Grail boasts a huge array of bespoke accessories.

Will we see it appear on Canyon’s mountain bike range? We’d put money on the answer being yes, although which models out of the Spectral, Neuron, Torque, and Strive gets it first is anyone’s guess.