The freeride-ready Torque:ON goes carbon, so now it's lighter, more efficient, and has a bigger battery which means more park laps.

Canyon’s electric freeride machine has just gone carbon, shaving weight, boosting battery power and mixing wheel sizes to create an e-bike that can be ridden all day long. There’s now even space for a water bottle so you can stay hydrated while you lap those park features. It’s clearly aimed directly for the shuttle-adverse freerider and park rat.

If you’re looking for something more race-focussed, Canyon has also just released the Strive:ON, an electric version of its race-winning enduro machine, designed for the rigours of EDR-E and eMTB enduro racing.

Need to know:

  • New Torque:ON CF carbon frame
  • New lower shock position, plus low motor and battery position, equals more stability
  • 720Wh and 900Wh battery options
  • Shimano EP8 motor
  • Mixed wheel size only
  • 180mm front suspension, 175mm rear

Canyon Torque:ON eMTB

The Torque:ON is now full carbon, shaving a reported 1.5kg of weight from the alloy model while increasing front triangle stiffness by 7% and rear triangle stiffness by 25%. Canyon says that, despite the increased weight of beefier batteries, the new Torque:ON CF weighs in at 13.7kg for the size medium with the 720Wh battery.

Keeping things low-slung, including the new shock position, bottom bracket and motor, means increased stability and traction.

This redesign has also meant Canyon were able to develop a split-frame design to allow space for a water bottle to be strapped in, or on, the top tube. Canyon calls it the Hydration Station, and it’s designed to look like the fuel tank on the top of a motocross bike.

Detail of water bottle on Canyon Torque:ON eMTB

The split frame gives room for on-board water storage

More battery, more laps

The original version of the Torque:ON was built around a 504Wh battery, but with new technology comes new opportunities, not least for more powerful motors and batteries. These in turn require frame design to be adapted to suit both the space requirements and the increased forces through the frame more power brings. And more power also brings more ride time.

Detail of battery and motor on Canyon Torque:ON eMTB

Battery and motor is also protected by a robust skid plate

The new Torque:ON now features the 720Wh and 900Wh batteries, engineered by Canyon, that have previously been seen on the Spectral:ON CFR (although the size small bike can only take the 720Wh battery). Canyon claims that the 900Wh battery could give up to 97.2km range and/or 2,132m of elevation, with the 720Wh offering 77.7km and/or 1,681m of elevation, though of course with both of these estimates factors like rider weight, terrain and mode choice will play a part in actual figures. Still, that elevation sounds like a hell of a lot of laps to us!

A Shimano EP8 motor provides the torque to the Torque:ON, offering up to 400% pedal assist.

Mullets only

Like the new Strive:ON, the Torque:ON comes with mixed wheels, with a 29er up front and a nippy, zippy 27.5 wheel at the back. It’s not only mullet, it’s ONLY mullet; no option here to run full 29er, again like the new Strive:ON.

Canyon says based on extensive testing and feedback from its pro racers, engineers and designers, this is the best option for the bike, offering better cornering traction and rollover at the front, and agility and clearance at the back.

Man jumping on Canyon Torque:ON eMTB

What’s not changed?

If you’ve got a winning formula, why mess with it? Well, we assume that’s the design philosophy behind the Torque:ON, so while some things have changed, a lot has stayed the same, more or less.

This includes the geometry, which is similar to the analogue Torque. A 63.5 degree head tube angle, plus steeper 77.5 degree seat tube angle. Chainstays are longer by about 10mm, coming in at 445mm, to help increase control and traction on techy climbs.

Another element that’s pretty similar is the suspension leverage curve, which has been tweaked rather than overhauled, mostly focussed around anti squat and anti rise. Some of the changes seem partly to differentiate the bike from the new e-enduro focussed Strive:ON, with both the anti rise and anti squat on the Torque:ON lower than on the Strive:ON.

Canyon Torque:ON eMTB

The moto-inspired Canyon Torque:ON CF Roczen

Moto inspired

If the motocross inspiration wasn’t clear enough, the flagship bike in the new carbon Torque:ON lineup is the Torque:ON CF Roczen. Born of a collaboration between legendary motocross racer Ken Roczen and Canyon, it comes with a signature Roczen 94 colourway and is equipped with RockShox Zeb Ultimate forks, RockShox Superdeluxe C Ultimate coil shock, SRAM wireless X01 AXS Transmission and RockShox AXS Reverb seatpost.

And it looks badass.

Canyon Torque:ON range, specs and prices

There are three models in the Canyon Torque:ON lineup, from the CF8 up to the CF Roczen.

Canyon Torque:ON CF 8

Canyon Torque:ON CF 8

Canyon Torque:ON CF 8

  • Price: € 5,999 (720 Wh) or  € 6,399 (900 Wh)
  • Frame: Canyon Torque:ON CF M124
  • Fork: Fox 38 Performance Grip (180 mm)
  • Shock: Fox X2 Performance 2Pos
  • Motor & battery: Shimano EP8 with 720Wh
  • Groupset: Shimano SLX w/ Deore Cassette (10 – 51t)
  • Brakes: Shimano SLX (203/203 mm)
  • Wheelset: Sun Ringle DUROC SD 37/42 with Maxxis Assegai 2.5 Maxxgrip, EXO+ (front) and Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.6 Maxxterra, EXO+ (rear)
Canyon Torque:ON CF 9

Canyon Torque:ON CF 9

Canyon Torque:ON CF 9

  • Price: €7,499 or € 7,899
  • Frame: Canyon Torque:ON CF M124
  • Fork: Fox 38 Factory Grip2 (180 mm)
  • Shock: Fox X2 Factory 2Pos
  • Motor & battery: Shimano EP8 with 900Wh
  • Groupset: Shimano XT (10 –51t)
  • Brakes: Shimano XT (203/203 mm)
  • Wheelset: Sun Ringle DUROC SD 37/42 with Maxxis Assegai 2.5 Maxxgrip, EXO+ (front) and Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.6 Maxxterra, EXO+ (rear)
Canyon Torque:ON CF Roczen

Canyon Torque:ON CF Roczen

Canyon Torque:ON CF Roczen

  • Price:  € 8,999 or € 9,399
  • Frame: Canyon Torque:ON CF M124
  • Fork: RockShox Zeb Ultimate RC2 (180 mm)
  • Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe C Ultimate
  • Motor & battery: Shimano EP8 with 900Wh
  • Groupset: SRAM X01 AXS (10–52T)
  • Brakes: SRAM Code RSC (220/200 mm)
  • Wheelset: DT Swiss HFR1500 with Maxxis Assegai 2.5 Maxxgrip, EXO+ (front) and Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.6 Maxxterra, EXO+ (rear)

When will the new Canyon Torque:ON be available?

Canyon states that the complete Torque:ON CF range will be available to order on Tuesday May 9, 2023, direct from the Canyon website.

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