The strictly limited edition Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition motor is designed specifically for eMTB racing, and will feature in the EWS-E


Bosch, creators of some of the most popular e-bike motors, has been at the forefront of this development, and has just released a new race-focussed motor, the Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition, designed to provide elite e-bike racers with the best electric mountain bikes possible and the kit they need to win.

Need to know:

  • New Race mode which offers 400% support
  • Bosch’s lightest ever drive system
  • Extended Boost is further extended providing power for longer
  • Specifically designed for race-focussed e-Bikes
  • Numbers strictly limited numbers available to brands

Electric mountain bike racing is an evolving discipline all of itself. It requires specific skills, incredible fitness, and of course specific equipment. Bikes need to be light and powerful, and elite e-bike racing has helped drive development, with the best electric mountain bikes winning podiums in events like the EWS-E.

Bosch was one of the first on the electric mountain bike scene back in 2010, and has evolved its offering ever since. 2014 saw the release of the first Performance Line CX drive unit, developed specifically for electric mountain bikes. The new features in this unit, and that will doubtless appear in some form in future drive units, takes things to the next level.

Bosch and the world of electric mountain bike racing

Bosch hasn’t just developed equipment for the developing discipline of e-bike racing – and got over 60 podiums to prove its worth –  it’s also helped shape and form the development of the sport.

The company have been involved in the development of the framework and strategy for events such as the EWS-E (Enduro World Series electric mountain bike series), feeding into elements such as the development of uniform regulations and action against tuning.

Claus Fleischer, Business Manager, Bosch eBike Systems said, “As a passionate eMTB rider myself, I know the pain, effort and excitement of the trail well. This is why I am particularly proud that our technology enables athletes to compete even more successfully. The eMTB sector is becoming more and more professional worldwide, and we actively support this development.”

Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition

If a component has been designed for racing, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be lighter, stronger or more powerful than previous iterations… and you’d be right.

Bosch claims the Performance Line CX Race drive unit comes in at just 2.75 kilograms, the lightest they produce. Light obviously means that more of the power it produces is used for forward drive rather than hefting a heavy unit about, but also makes for better handling on the incredibly technical terrain e-bike races take place on, not to mention making it easier to get air.

The unit provides 85 nM of torque, and will support high cadences up over 120 rpm, not uncommonly seen during racing, or even regular riding. In fact, if you want to track this, the display unit on the top-tube integrated System Controller will tell you what your cadence is while riding, or switch to a different display that will indicated how efficient the cadence and gearing you’ve opted for is, indicating how much you’re getting out of the unit, allowing you to make changes to optimise performance.

The handlebar-mounted Mini Remote connects via Bluetooth to the System Controller unit, and is easy to reach and operate while riding.

Other features that are already out in the open on other units include the Push Assist and Hill Hold functions, which make walking your bike up steep ascents easier and safer. And powering the whole shebang is a PowerTube 625 battery.

New Race mode and Extended Boost

It should come as no surprise whatsoever, given that the unit is race-focussed, that the Performance Line CX Race has a new Race mode, above the standard Boost mode. And let us tell you from the brief ride we had, it’s going to be a game-changer! Look out for the full review coming very soon.

Race mode offers 400% support and makes a noticeable difference on the track. It ramps up quickly, allowing riders and racers to reach that magic number faster, which is going to be critical during racing, but will still peak at the regulation 25km/h.

“For us pros, it was a real enrichment to be involved in the development of a product for our competitions,” explains Joris Ryf, Swiss eMTB pro. “The most important thing for me was a drive unit that would get me up to top speed faster and keep me at top speed for longer – and we succeeded.”

Another interesting feature is an upgrade to the Extended Boost element that’s up to now featured in the eMTB mode. In Race mode, thrust is extended for a longer period of time after the rider has stopped pedalling, and also kicks in with a very small pedal movement. This makes getting up over features like rocks, roots and steps easier, as thrust won’t just cut out halfway up.

And, like other modes in the Bosch Performance Line CX Race drive unit, the Race mode can be custom tuned to the riders preference using the eBike Flow app, altering elements such as support strength, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque.

Strictly limited edition

The clue is in the name, but just in case you were thinking about getting a bike with one of the new Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition drive units in it, you’d need to jump quickly. Bosch is limiting the number of units available to each brand, and chances are the focus will be on athletes, race teams, and the brands that support or run them.

The only brand so far to confirm it’s use of the new drive unit is Whyte, who has just released info on it’s E-180 Works MX race-ready eMTB.