Neko Mulally and and Brendon Fairclough start as they mean to go on; by having a whole lot of fun

Gstaad-Scott officially announced that Neko Mulally has signed with them for the upcoming downhill season. The erstwhile Trek World Racing rider famously cruised into first at the World Champs in Hafjell last year after having broken his chain within the first three pedal rotations.

With a fun nod at the Hafjell chain incident and some very dubious acting, the video gives a fun introduction of both Mulally, Fairclough and team mechanic Ben Vergnaud. 

Either way, the introduction of Mulally to the team is both an exciting and bold move for the bike team, having cut down the number of team riders to just two; Brendon and Neko. Both Fairclough and Mulally feel positive about the upcoming season and are keen to get out racing each other.

We’ll keep an eye out for part two and hope (or not) for more acting from the team. With acting like that, it’s a good job they can rides bikes quickly.

Check out the new bikes that Neko Mulally will be riding at Scott.

And check out Neko’s amazing chainless run from last season: