It’ll lend you a fork or shock, and help you fit it too


Blowing up your shock or fork is usually game over for your day’s riding, but now it doesn’t have to be thanks to the generous folks at BikePark Wales. If you’re booked into the park and the unthinkable happens while you’re riding, then the BPW mechanics will lend you a fork or a shock to keep you going until the end of the day. The unstinting lot will even help you fit it.

BikePark Wales workshop mechanics

BPW says it will do its best to squeeze you into the workshop schedule and get you back up and running ASAP

Sounds expensive, right? Actually it’s a free new service called Save the Day, lay down a £150 deposit (in case you wreck the replacement too), and bring it back at the end of the day and BPW will endeavour to help you out. BPW says there is a wide range of shocks available, and while there are too many different stroke lengths and mounting standards to list here, the magnanimous spanner monkeys will do their best to get you rolling ASAP.

Bike Park Wales breakdown details

  • Bust your shock or fork on the trails and the BPW mechanics will lend you a replacement
  • It’s free to use, pay a £150 deposit and get rolling again

Bike Park Wales has been in the headlines a heap recently, thanks to the big news around the explosion of trails expected in the coming years. Earlier this month we reported how the park is set to double in size, with 27 new trails stretching some 30km. There’s also plans to put in an uplift track extension, perhaps to a second drop off point, and the whole goal is to spread its appeal to a more diverse range of riders, and especially beginners. Given that it’s already the UK’s biggest bike, all that sounds like they’re going to need a lot of shocks and forks to help riders out.

BPW has asked riders to remain in the spirit of the programme,” for the Save the Day products. “Don’t take liberties, we want this to be in place for a long time to help riders in need,” it said in a statement. “Save the Day is for riders whose bikes break while riding here at the park so please don’t turn up with a ruined bike expecting an upgrade.”