Phat creations

Here’s a round up of the custom paintjobs for the World Championships this weekend down under in Cairns, Straya.

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There are still some bikes to be revealed (Aaron Gwin, Troy Brosnan, Jack Moir, Mick Hannah, Tracey Hannah to name a few) but most of the special custom paintjobs are out there in social media land.

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We’ll update this page when more bikes get unveiled. In the meantime, which is your favourite amongst this lot?

Ed Masters

As with most New Zealander riders’ bikes it’s seemingly difficult to do that much with the national flag. The subtle approach of the down tube motif is nice though eh?

Pic: Ed Masters / Instagram

Anthony Poulson

A smattering of red maple leaves on white decals tells you all about Poulson’s homeland…

Pic: Anthony Poulson / Instagram

Myriam Nicole

With ‘Commençal silver’ standing in for white, you’d be forgiven for not realising that this is a French World Champs bike. Looks rad, mind…

Pic: Myriam Nicole / Instagram

Adam Brayton

Initially rather underwhelming, especially considering Brayon’s previous World Champs bikes, the beauty of this machine is in the Hope components. Stop and peer at the brakes, hub, cranks… nice…

Pic: Adam Brayton / Instagram

Gee and Rachel Atherton

Maybe it’s because both Gee and Rachel are existing World Champs that they’re happy with rather sedate paintjobs. We reckon there are some details on these bikes that we’ve not yet seen (top tube decals maybe…)

Pic: Trek Factory Racing / Instagram

Kade Edwards

A close up of Kade Edwards’ World Champs bike reveals that it’s not black – as some people may htink upon first glance – it’s actually a seriously stylish deep blue with sparkles colourway…

Pic: Trek Factory Racing / Instagram

Nik Nesteroff

No, Nesteroff has not been granted UK citizenship; this paintjob is representative of the United States of America. Where’s the star spangling though? Oh yeah, it’s there on the rims…

Pic: Nik Nesteroff / Instagram

Connor Fearon

By far the best execution of an Australian-themed World Champs bike we’ve ever seen (although Brosnan is yet to reveal his machine). Gold is such a tricky to pull off well…

Pic: Connor Fearon / Instagram

Dean Lucas

See what we mean about the Australian colourway being a tricky one to get away with tastefully…

Pic: Dean Lucas / Instagram

Sylvain Cougoureux

All modern Intense bikes’ colourways walk a fine line between naff and nice. We reckon Sylvain’s Gallic paintwork is a bold and brilliant job…

Pic: Sylvain Cougoureux / Instagram

Sam Hill

Yes Sam Hill is riding a trail bike for the Downhill World Champs. Mind. Blown. And there was you not planning on staying up into the early hours to watch it live. Think again…

Pic: Nukeproof / Instagram

Danielle Beecroft

All the Pivot paintjobs have apparently been done by Fat Creations. Unsurprisingly, they are all extremely impressive pieces of art…

Pic: Danielle Beecroft / Instagram

Bernard Kerr

While the off-white main frame colour and urban camo swingarm are both a bit of a head scratcher, the head badge and down tube decals are fabulous…

Pic: Bernard Kerr / Instagram

Emilie Siegenthaler

If we put our patriotic bluster aside for a minute, this is probably the nicest looking bike here. Reminds us of those classic 90s Rocky Mountain hardtails with the maple leaf fade replaced by Swiss cross symbols…

Pic: Emilie Siegenthaler / Instagram

Greg Williamson

New grips required for the race day Greg…

Pic: Greg Williamson / Instagram

Rupert Chapman

Another enforced-subtlety New Zealander bike. Black and silver is hard to get wrong but kudos to Pivot anyway. Cool looking steed, this…

Pic: Rupert Chapman / Instagram

Loris Vergier

Now then, is this a 29er V10 or a 27.5..?

Pic: Loris Vergier / Instagram

Jack Reading

As with all of Jack Reading’s race bikes, it looks a bit like an explosion in a sticker factory, but we kinda admire is garishness…

Pic: Jack Reading / Instagram

Loic Bruni

To our mind, Loic’s ‘stained glass’ bike is still the best looking bikes of all time. And although we’ve yet to see the full pic of his new World Champs bike, we’re fairly certain his 2016 bike will still be nicer…

Pic: Loic Bruni / Instagram

Danny Hart

Not sure about this one. Red, white, blue, gold and orange? It’s all a bit much. We do love that head angle though. Wow…

Pic: Danny Hart / Instagram

Marcus Pekoli

The Austrian rider’s final ever World Championship is deserving of a nice bit of paint. And from this teaser pic, we think he’s been served well…

Pic: Markus Pekoli / Instagram

Greg Minnaar

Although most people seem to be saying this a South African inspired paintjob, to us it looks more like a statement of Minnaar’s previous World Champ wins and a clear statement of intent for this weekend…

Pic: Greg Minnaar / Instagram

There are still some bikes to be revealed (Aaron Gwin, Troy Brosnan, Jack Moir, Mick Hannah, Tracey Hannah to name a few) but most of the special custom paintjobs are out there in social media land.

We’ll update this page when more bikes get unveiled.