Vid 1: This is what it’s all about: getting out and riding whatever the weather may have thrown at you. This is by mbr forumite MTBleague, and it’s eight minutes of low-speed spills and thrills in Spooky Woods at Glentress. Looks like a top laugh to us.Vid 2: At first we thought we’d stumbled upon an early edit of Kranked 7, but then Victor and Bruno started doing their stuff and we were kinda disappointed. But the more we watched, the more stoked we got on these two guys. This is like 1992 all over again and it’s awesome.

Vid 3: If you’ve ever been out in the woods and discovered some shonky looking North Shore structures and thought, “What sort of lunatic built that?” you ain’t seen nothing yet. BMX’ers are obviously a different breed, but this level of shonkiness is frankly frightening.