Tara Llanes, the American 4X and BMX rider, broke her back at the US Jeep King of the Mountains 4X series in Colorado on September 1.
Llanes crashed in the semi-finals and was airlifted to Denver Health Medical Center, where she was operated on for seven hours to address major trauma on her lower back.
After the surgery she was able to breathe unaided and communicate with friends and family, but she was left with no sensation below the waist.
You don’t get to the top of any sport without drive and determination and Tara has shown just such qualities since her accident, declaring, “I’m going to fight this all the way.”
A website has been set up where fans can contribute to Tara’s medical costs, as mtb’ers in the States find getting health insurance near impossible. You can help by visiting www.tarallanesroadtorecovery.com.