What a weapon

Sick Bicycle Co do things a bit differently. Subtle they ain’t. The new Grim Ripper takes everything mountain bike-y and hardtail-y and turns it up to 11.

Why not make 10 louder? This bike goes to 11.

Sick Bicycle Co. Grim Ripper need to know

  • 62° head angle
  • 77° seat angle
  • 1,245mm wheelbase (Medium)
  • 29 x 2.8in tyre clearance
  • 4130 cromoly
  • Made in Peru
  • Up to 150mm fork
  • 142 or Boost 148 will fit
  • Medium or Large only
  • £500 frame

The Grim Ripper is all about extremes. Some may look at it and either roll their eyes or get bashing out a quick internet comment along the lines of “how ridiculous”. But you know what? We wouldn’t be surprised if the Grim Ripper was ridiculous. Ridiculous in the sense of ridiculously capable for a hardtail.

With that much cromoly tubing length the Grim ripper is not going to be a flyweight. Check that seat angle though, 77° is super steep. The Grim Ripper should put you in a nicely effective position for seated winch-away climbing. Which, let’s face it, is what this bike is going to be for: winch up steady climbs, hurtle back down anything you dare point it at.

There are sliding dropouts at the back for running it as a singlespeed but we can’t help but think that’s a bit optimistic. Sure you’ll save weight but you’ll be limiting yourself both uphill and downhill. Bung a 1x drivetrain on there (inc. a chain device via the ISCG 05) and let rip… Grim rip.

Sick Bicycle Co.: “Your new favourite weapon. Last year’s extreme, is now our new normal. Optimised for pure trail riding speed and stability like you have never felt before. It looks huge but slip in to the cockpit and you’ll feel right at home.”