Looks rapid

Need to know

  • New XC race bike from 29er specialists
  • Replaces the JET 9 as brand’s premier XC full-suss
  • Modern 29er tech brought to the table
  • Only available as Race Day Only carbon package

So, what is Niner?

Niner is a bike brand that specialises in 29 inch wheeled bikes. It was founded ten years ago and has ridden the 29er wave to arrive nicely here today with a full fleet of bikes covering everything from XC to All-Mountain.

Niner RKT 9 RDO side on

What’s new about this bike?

This is the Niner RKT 9 RDO a brand new bike from Niner. It is designed as a racing thoroughbred to replace the JET 9. We do hope the JET 9 doesn’t die out completely though, it’s curvaceous frame is gorgeous.

As you’d expect from an XC race bike, the RKT range is entirely carbon and is actually only available in Niner’s Race Day Only (RDO) carbon. This process uses different moulds and Niner claims it creates a stronger and lighter frame. This results in a frame that weighs between 2-2.2 kg (4.5-5 lbs).

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Niner feels that the 29er landscape has changed so this bike embraces the latest technologies which is it hoping will make the bike as fast as possible.

What technologies are you talking about?

Primarliy is the new Boost standard as this is Niner’s first bike to take on the Boost 148 axle. This not only creates a stiffer wheel but it also allows for shorter chainstays.

Niner RKT 9 RDO back and side

Shorter chainstays make for a more agile bike that will be useful on tight, switchback-filled, modern cross country courses. This is complimented by the lowest standover on any of Niner’s bikes that once again allows a rider to move freely on the bike.

On top of this the bike is Di2 ready, can be used with single or double ring set ups and features a taut racing geometry.

Niner RKT 9 RDO geometry

What about the suspension?

The frame has 90mm of travel and is designed to be paired with a 100mm travel fork. Niner claims its CVA linkage is the only 29er specific design in the market that is tuned to cope with the increased bottom bracket drop that comes with a bigger wheel.

Niner RKT 9b RDO riding

How is it specced?

We really like how Niner puts together its specs. Instead of bombarding you with a load of acronyms and numbers, spec levels are decided by a star rating. If you want the top of the range spec then go for the five star, if you need something on a bit of a lower budget look at the two star.

The top specced 5 star model comes with a RockShox RS1 fork, full XTR groupset and Niner’s own finishing kit. It will set you back an eye-watering £8,799 though. You can pick up the lowest spec model for £4,199 or the frame only for £2,899 instead.

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