Cotic’s Soul asks the question, do hardtails still rock? Yes they do…

Cotic and film makers Steel City Media have got into the habit of making scintillating hardtail riding videos of late. Sometimes funny, sometimes daft, they’re always about going stupidly fast through tight singletrack.

No change here then, with the latest video Do you have a Soul? There’s something mesmirising about watching a hardtail rip down smooth singletrack, it’s very easy to imagine you’re there.

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It’s also very easy to ride a hardtail fast if you’re this talented a rider…

It’s also worth reminding yourself of Cotic and Steel City Media’s other work together, in Size Matters.

The Got Soul? video follows the latest trend in letting the rubber do the talking. There’s no soundtrack, just the buzz and rip of tyres on dirt, through tight singletrack and bluebells.