Big bucks bikes robbed from Dutch bike shop

Bianchi Benelux has posted a video on Facebook of a gang of masked thieves making off with €100,000 worth of bikes in three minutes.

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This is not a video to watch if you’re in a bad mood already. Nor is it a bike ot watch if you’ve ever had a bike stolen. Nor should you watch it if you’re a bike shop owner. It may well lead you to many sleepless nights. It will certainly leave you raging at the very dregs of humanity.

Hopefully it will make you reassess your current security and insurance setups. The only thing worse than having a bike nicked is realising you could possibly have prevented it and/or not having decent insurance for it.

The robbery featured took place on Tuesday at a bike shop in the Netherlands called De Tweewieler Vught of Udenhout. It’s a big Bianchi dealer and this video shows the scumbag thieves making off with a full range of Bianchi bikes. Road bikes, mountain bikes and even an e-bike is in the haul.

List of Bianchi bikes stolen: OltreXR3, OltreXR4, InfinitoCV, Aria, Methanol and an Impulso e-bike.

In the unlikely event that you have any information (hey, you never know) Bianchi Benelux has requested you call Dutch police on +33 343 57 8844.