Once you go flat, you never go back


We scoured the WWWs for the best current deals on our very favourite pedals. These aren’t cheap, nasty flats. These are the best flats at the best prices.

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Flat pedals are back. The era of clipless being the ubiquitous option for weekend trail riding mountain bikers is over. Thank goodness for that. Flat pedals are more fun and more rewarding to ride. Sure, clipless is faster for racers and Strava addicts but for those of us who ride for fun and thrill, flats are the be all and end all.

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Race Face AEffect was £99.95, now £71.99

A great option for those with smaller feet or those who require more side-clearance on tufty trails.

We say: “Useful grease port design, where riders can keep internals running smoothly by flushing grease through the DU bushes and cartridge-bearing internals. This Aeffect isn’t cheap, but looks classy, is reasonably low-profile with its 17mm thick platform, and recommended if you’re after a smaller design.”. Read the review.

Buy Now: Race Face AEffect flat pedals from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £71.99!

DMR Vault was £99.99, now £80.00

Very different to other BMX-style flats from DMR, the Vault is a modern MTB classic that plenty of riders swear by.

We say: “A neat touch is how the Vault’s bite is tuneable too since the flip-flop pins can be inserted from the top or bottom for a longer or stubbier traction stud”. Read the review.

Buy Now: DMR Vault pedals from Tredz for only £80.00!

Nukeproof Horizon Pro was £74.99, now £63.99

AKA the alternative to the DMR Vaults above. Arguably better for enduro/gravity riding than the trail-centric Vaults.

We say: “Clever wings extend real estate towards the crank arm, simultaneously bringing your feet closer together and increasing ground clearance when cornering, while the bearings have proven durable mounted to dozens of test bikes through the full palette of weather conditions”. Read the review.

Buy Now: Nukeproof Horizon Pro Flat pedals from Tredz for only £63.99!

Chromag Contact was £109.99, now £93.49

A premium pedal with plenty of performance to back up the Canadian brand kudos and cool.

We say: “Pedal feel underfoot is superb on the Contact; the slimness means you really stay planted and stable, and the traction levels are superb, striking the perfect balance between locked-on and shuffle-able in sticky Five Ten shoes.”. Read the review.

Buy Now: Chromag Contact pedals from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £93.49!

Specialized Boomslang was £125.00, now £109.99

Don’t dismiss these for their rather oddball aesthetics, the Boomslangs are genuinely amazing slim jim pedals.

We say: “Most pedals as grippy as the Boomslangs can flip too easily when repositioning if you catch the outer edges, resulting in a violent crank spin (and often split shins). Being so thin and stable though, the Boomslang is actually harder to topple in this way than most, which is an excellent trait.”. Read the review.

Buy Now: Specialized Boomslang pedals from Cycle Store for only £109.99!


HT Components ME03 EVO Magnesium Alloy was £129.99m now £115.99

Super thin pedals are not for everyone but if you a like low profile these HTs are still well up there.

We say: “Out on the trail, the clearance benefits over rocks and roots were noticeable, along with a sense of stability and reassuring connection to both the bike and the terrain. The 10 fully adjustable and well-positioned removable pins on each side saw my feet securely glued to the platforms.”. Read the review.

Buy Now: HT Components ME03 EVO Magnesium Alloy from Tredz for only £115.99!

Burgtec Penthouse MK4 was £100.00, now £89.99

Josh Bryceland’s pedal of choice and a dependable, rebuildable UK classic flattie.

Buy Now: Burgtec Penthouse MK4 pedals from Tweeks Cycles for only £89.99!

We say: “The body is still hewn from a solid aluminium billet with massive studs on this latest Mark IV version but, crucially, the weight is now competitive at under 450g. With its 16mm thickness and 1mm of concavity, the pedal has an excellent platform, and a new double bush and single bearing internal layout means it should cope with years of abuse.”