The range of shoes, jerseys and jackets includes a design created by Vero Sandler, with a portion of profits going to the Breast Cancer Now charity and the National Breast Cancer Foundation

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Adidas Five Ten has released a range of limited edition shoes, jerseys and jackets to help raise funds for charities and foundations helping people who have been affected by the disease, and funding research into treatments. £15/€15/$15 from the sale of each full-price item will be donated to either Breast Cancer Now or the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The motivation for this range comes from the very personal experience of Luke Hontz, Five Ten Senior Product Manager Bike; Global Brand Comms, Social Media Manager. “My mom had breast cancer,” Hontz explains. “She is fortunate to have come through it. I’ve wanted to do something to raise awareness of the disease and to help support individuals and their friends and families who are impacted.”

“Working on this collection is a passion project. I’m grateful adidas gave me the chance to get it off the ground. I hope our efforts can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Touch, look, check

Breast cancer affects thousands of people around the world globally, and October is focussed not just on raising the essential funds needed to finance scientific research into the disease and supporting those with it, but also raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Touch, look and check is the advice; check breasts regularly for lumps or any changes by touch or visually with a mirror, and check any changes with a GP or doctor.

Breast cancer is also a disease that can occur in men, although rarely, and Breast Cancer Now also provides advice on how men can check their chest and what they should be aware of.

Vero Sandler’s designs

Freeride athlete Veronique Sandler has put her artistic talents to good use in creating illustrations that have been used as graphics on some of the products in the Breast Cancer Awareness collection.

“A few significant people in my life have had breast cancer. It’s something many of us will be affected by in some way in our lifetime, and it’s so important to spread awareness. I’m so stoked to have had the opportunity to be involved with designing this collection,” she says. “Speaking to people with the disease, and those who have had it in the past, many of them described to me how spending time in nature or thoughts of nature helped them stay positive through difficult moments. I hope my illustrations help represent their strength and positivity.”

Partnership with breast cancer charities

Adidas have partnered with two charities for this collection. Breast Cancer Now is a UK-based charity that combines research and support, with the ambition that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live and be supported to live well. The North American-based National Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the leading breast cancer organisations in the world, providing early detection, education and support services.

In the UK and Europe, £15 or €15 from the sale of each full-priced Breast Cancer Awareness collection item will go to Breast Cancer Now, while in North America, $15 will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The limited collection is available to buy during the month of October exclusively to adiClub (Adidas’ membership programme) members, and then will go on general sale after October.