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Straight outta our inbox, here’s some info about the new pedal assist electric mountain bikes on the way from Giant. The Stance E+ and Trance E+.

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Giant press release


Updated for off-road performance and fun, the new Trance E+ Pro, Trance E+ SX Pro and Stance E+ combine cutting-edge E-bike technologies with proven Giant off-road design

Giant, the world leader in cycling technology, is expanding its lineup of off-road E-bikes with three new trail-riding models that feature updated motor technologies, control buttons and battery systems along with Giant’s proven full-suspension performance. The Stance E+, Trance E+ Pro and Trance E+ SX Pro are engineered to give riders the ultimate off-road E- bike experience in a wide variety of conditions and terrain.

Giant Trance E+ SX Pro

Giant Trance E+ Pro

Giant Stance E+

Stance E+, Trance E+ Pro and Trance E+ SX Pro

These new full-suspension E-bikes are designed and engineered for adventurous trail riding. The Trance E+ SX Pro is a premium-level machine that’s made for high-performance trail and enduro riding. It features 140mm of Maestro rear suspension technology, plus 160mm of travel in front. The SyncDrive Pro motor offers best-in-class motor technology, delivering 360% tunable support with 80Nm of torque. It also has a narrow Q-factor that helps give it a natural pedaling feel on aggressive terrain. The Trance E+ Pro offers the same experience but with a slightly shorter 150mm travel fork in the front.

The Stance E+ is aimed more at beginner or intermediate riders looking to enjoy their off-road riding experience and extend their capabilities with cutting-edge E-bike technologies. It’s built on a lightweight, strong and stiff ALUXX SL aluminum frame featuring FlexPoint rear suspension. With 120mm of smooth travel in the rear and 130mm up front, combined with its 27.5+ wheels and tires, the Stance E+ offers a smooth, confident ride quality. Its SyncDrive Sport motor, with a 350% support ratio, helps riders conquer steep climbs with ease.

RideControl ONE

This year marks the debut of the innovative RideControl ONE command center, which comes standard on the Trance E+ Pro, Trance E+ SX Pro and Stance E+. It offers integrated button controls and a clean handlebar setup that’s free of any display. The small, integrated buttons let you shift through support modes with ease. The buttons are robust and designed with a pattern for added finger grip, giving riders total control in all conditions. It’s thoughtfully designed with LED lighting that shows the battery level and support mode while you are riding. The RideControl ONE has a minimalist design, displaying the essential information needed to help riders perform their best.

Downtube EnergyPak

These new off-road E-bikes also come with an updated EnergyPak that is mounted in the downtube. Compared to side-release and top-pull EnergyPaks, this new version has a more minimalist downtube design that’s integrated with the frame. It’s also easy to access: With one push of a button, it releases from the downtube and is ready to charge. The EnergyPak is equipped with highly innovative cells that can be charged more than 60% within 90 minutes. The heat is managed internally by having double the space between cells and more temperature control. This makes the Downtube EnergyPak safer than its competition.

Smart Charging

Our new Smart charger helps extend the battery life of Giant EnergyPaks. When the battery is charged more than 500 cycles, the charger ensures that a lower voltage is used, so battery life is extended while total charging time remains the same. The Smart charger manages heat within the Downtube EnergyPak while the charger manages cells individually. When cells get too hot, the Smart charger shifts to other cells. The Smart charger can also be used with the 60% storage charge mode, and using this mode also allows for safer storage.

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UK models

UK models are as follows and prices will be announced mid August.

Trance SX E+ 0 Pro
Trance E+ 1 Pro
Trance E+ 2 Pro
Trance E+ 3 Pro
Intrigue E+ 1 Pro
Intrigue E+ 2 Pro
Stance E+ 1
Stance E+ 2
Embolden E+ 1
Embolden E+ 2
Fathom E+ 1 Pro
Fathom E+ 1 Pro 29er
Fathom E+ 2 Pro
Fathom E+ 2 Pro 29er
Fathom E+ 2
Fathom E+ 2 29er
Fathom E+ 3
Fathom E+ 3 29er