In this month’s workshop video we show you how to make not one but two simple chain-retention devices out of humble reflectors.

Tools for the job: click to enlarge

First off is a chain tensioner, and secondly we have a third-eye retention device. Inspired by the Bionicon C.Guide and Specialized Dangler, our tensioner is designed to reduce chain slap and help prevent dropping a chain. The third-eye-style device is useful on bikes that have issues with dropping the chain on to the BB shell, whether fitted with multiple rings or a 1×9 or 1×10 set-up combined with a bashring.

The tools required are basic, and you probably already have everything you need. In addition to the tools, you’ll need some reflectors; you can either use the ones that you removed from your bike when you bought it (you did remove them, didn’t you?) or pick up some spares from your LBS for minimal or zero cost. You will also need a few zip-ties and some shrink-wrap or a piece of garden hose. These steps might not make the slickest components ever seen, but you might be pleasantly surprised. Also, if you really can’t stand the DIY look but you like the end result, then at least you’ll be able to buy the real deal with confidence.